Non-Proliferation Treaty

 poem                   Non-Proliferation Treaty            3-15-2003 


          “peace” be to Hamid Karzai

he had lost his father to assassins in Pakistan

twenty years ago and yet found his pact

in Washington D.C. February, 2003

did he relate to the State Department

how much the pollution from American bombing

had increased, because of not our bombs

because the Pentagons had killed 4800 Afghans

the Pashtun-people have truly walked a fine line

w the al-Qaeda w the Taliban, and w language

but why is the use of not-so-depleted-Uranium 238

which is only depleted when used and abused

to isotope of nucleus 234, 235 & 236, not now, a worldwide embargo

against weaponry of masse-genocide

prospects, could be the Non-Proliferation Treaty

have not been reduced, that our nuclear H-Bomb arsenal

is not yet below 1000 bombs or 20X a Nuclear Winter

could this be a way to stop the depletion

of forests for cheaply built wooden houses

are the slurban-modern societies so

morally attuned to democracy as purpose

that degeneracy to polluting the molecular structure

is the only way to learn DNA is genetic in question

manipulation yet toxicity and radio-nucleides remain

the parliamentary takeover of the U.S. Congress

by the Enron-ilk of once was Texas governor

but, foregoing justice dispensed by military

in injustice is NOT okay

the H-Bombs’ retention sustains intervention but remains, obsequious, by C.I.A.

arm of the Pentagon

arm of the Defense Dept

arm of 2500 H-Bombs on big Brother alert: n-o-w

so that non-depleted Uranium can become a 4.45 billion

year half-life on non-abstruse

justification d.u. dust “aerosolized” and who voted for the hegemonic fundamentalist right-was U.S. Congress to be plutocratic al all?

who asked that a dictatorial methodism overtake

the humanist Universality, cause of liberty…

that the U.S. should partake a military bluff—

stab at Oil Markets for U.S. air force to supply

U.S. nuclear ships,

U.S. tanks loaded w 20 mm not-so-depleted-uranium: 238

is not non-depleted Uranium…

who is the cowering power share Enron

stockholder backing the war’s egregious nurturing

who asked that the Defense dept. should

practice new technology by warring?  who asked that the Aurora Borealis should be   perturbed by continued “smog” hydrocarbon: oil-as-wrong, fuel mimesis should be spoken, so get rid of the Non-proliferation Treaty…

who has allowed the Turkey Air Force

to kill 30,000 Kurds in Iraq & in Turkey

who is the big refugee dressed-in-black

that will determine that w-a-r is always sport? neither

Saddam Insane nor “the layman fundamentalist-in-chief”

g-Enron bellicose non-Military: warrior alone at an end

of the capable to back down nuclear-Weapons,

can be astute enough to back down wars

the remainder of the world is Nations and the

        General Assembly of all world’s peoples in vote-

ordinance that the United Nations was justly established

               by the human-Rights, if and when freedom

need survive democracy’s renown

                 without the tyranny of the H-Bomb dictums

       for the peace-Makers maintained by Human Rights Declaration,

   thus assuring underlying ethical balance for humanitarian

 advent w.o. "polluting" or genocide, intervention, w-a-r

                       yet w a world & International laws challenging us…


"R" Addison, 3-15-03 © apeco ® written @ Cup of Joe’s coffee haus (3-13,14,15) & read to anti: w-a-r national mobilization  protestor/peace-vigil citizens, in D-N:T-N Salt Lake City (UT) Saturday–on the State Capitol Steps and @ city hall front—edited 3-05-10… and read @ Mercury café (same)

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