On driving westward toward Versailles

On driving westward toward Versailles


wet cat impaled on telegraph poles
     serrated ashbrown fur
tinged with flinting silver
                     a mirror blue
cut by guitar strings on a shining plate
bathed in molten evening shine

jet streaks through pylon barrage
windshield wipers’ hemicircular swipe

dry cat’s crusty baguette fur
ashen edges of rapidfire cirrus

pylons stalk the sky
and catch the wipers in the eye


horses purr in the cat’s geule
carriages trot through veins of pomp

hounds howl in pinewood packs
fountains spurt warrior sperms

over-stuffed regalia golden-tressed coiffures
wrap scalp and skin in scented sweat

coachmen backfire trussed up in perches
perfumed eminences speed to trysts


The Sun-King illumines long dead VISTA galaxies
   The Hall of Mirrors reveberates secret oaths
Lights dim as Le Notre adjusts tropical palm vats
   The parvenu Corsican struts on depraved genes


wipers peer through moving fingers
   pylons jetstreak high-wire noon
Marie Antoinette drivels at Fresnes

The gilded streaming sun dances on fitful time
   Glints through slithering interstitial space
Am I driving or am I driven in a cariole.

© T. Wignesan, October 29, 1986, Paris (Revised)

From: T. Wignesan
Copyright ©: T. Wignesan 1992 - October 29, 1986 [from the collection : back to background material, 1993]

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