Over which Cat’s Shoulders is raised the Lintel

Over which Cat's Shoulders is raised the Lintel

	To be left alone
                           to be a cat
        a porcelain memento on the mantelshelf
            unnoticed un-thought-of  even un-heeded
                till a hand accidentally stretches 
to caress the China paw of a line
                    all tucked in
out of a Federer need to be willingly unobtrusive
	knowing the place of the homely cat 
   that’s fed as a pet 
               for the well-being of the spectator
        in polite chaste drawing-room court

To take him à rebrousse-poil
    and the pretty picture is shattered
          canine claws unfurl drawn in offence
              the conquering hargne of a Djokovic
the pounce leap and tumble
      on the millimetre of the angular line                   
            of brazen self-righteous discomfort

   and desire becomes a clay cat
           baking in the womb of the mantelpiece

      under a creaking crumbling lintel

Revised from a 1986 poem : « Cat on the Mantelshelf »
© T.Wignesan 1986/2012


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