Palestine, You Are On My Mind

I love you, Palestine.
Simply because you exist;
Because you are human; a creation of God.

I love you because you are misunderstood.
I love you because you are hated.

I don’t know how you survive with the whole world against you;
Lying about you . . . attacking you.

I want to buy some air-time, air-space;
To show all the bits on the editing room floor:
The other person throwing the first stone . . .
The Israeli soldier firing the first shot . . .
The Western Powers stealing your land over half a century ago . . .
Things you will never see on American TV.

I love you, Palestine.
One day the Karmic Wheel will crush those who accuse you of betraying the Geneva Convention, as they use it for toilet paper themselves.

One day the world will see the corruption and evil behind Western "superpower" globalization.

One day, a Super Power will hold the monster culpable for his monstrocity.
And all the people who refuse to care about you
Half-way ’round the globe
Will find themselves distanced, just that much,
From the Divine.

I love you, Palestine.  You’ve been on my mind.

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