put this pain closer the anarchy

 poem:              put this pain closer the anarchy 


won’t you please pull this pain out my Eye ball 

reach in there and pull that guided missile  

from that nuclear-Polluting nuclear powered submarine 

pull the entrenchment of warhead’s motorized 

determinist        conditionalism 

from the mechanical launch-Mechanism 

then pull the cladding off the warheads, and place all warheads  

wirings into off-Trigger, mode 

then reach into holding one warhead hooking w the hoist and remove the pain from the 


un-Plug the eyeball, then start to disassemble  

the tyranny-Steel cladding covering the outer ‘deuterium’ cladding and 

feel the hot presence of radiation surge and relieve the pain, 

place the deuterium –Level on a clean rubberized pad 

make the curvilinear-Form look “nice” 

proceed to the outer wall for removal of the uranium-235, and 

place the dissolving skins from hands upon the uranium, 

lifting w all the might of an empire 

the outer shielding, and try to visualize in no stress the manmade accomplishment   

“zone” all your childhood’s awakening to the new-Tangents of a concept learned  

as, next your must retrieve the plutonium-239 from the inner-Core 

using skin-Removed bones placed into “clean-Room: gloves”            take hold that ball w 

the forceps and remove the “it” 

now, placing the “it” into the corner of the vacated building 

walk, as you think the first thrill of no pain 

all chores relieved 

next, invite the tyranny-Gate political-Party over, so they may observe 

scientific nerves of your eyeball-Free and radiated-Skin ill & putrid 

then ask in a kind and non-confronting voice 

for a donation so that they may go into the corner for peace 

and talk to them pleasantly 

in a confiding remoarse-Overture  

of not having the monetary-System 

off gold standard and now autocratically aligned for “plutonium-         


crawl frenetically toward those-Autocrats allowing them to configure 

composite-Cost and negating-Expenses 

then, ask of them, how much do they charge for the removal “nicely” now 

and maintain a sales-Person’s poise while asking  

how much is the removal from “that” the corner to that  

the new-Improved banking-Bank 

a banking system that should, by now, have credit and mortgage departments 

debased by stocks-Investments to keep insurance-Companies 

“bailing-Out” when inflation gets thorny-Growth addictive 

making 10-15% return annually, while not allowing healthcare premiums 

need they the homeland-Insecurity trust and defraud department 

in observance of a Columbus-Day holiday privately owned and  

families corporately operated like the UN-passed federal-Reserve: act of 1913 

they’ll just-Simply, love your “anarchyism” 


written by “R” Addison @ 384 on 12-24-08 © apeco (all rights reserved) 


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