Ruba’i*: Umar ibn Ibrahim al-Khayyam, Omar son of Ibrahim, the tent-maker

Ruba’i*: Umar ibn Ibrahim al-Khayyam*, Omar son of Ibrahim, the tent-maker
Words awoke on the retina of the astronomer
Unknown aeons piled dark energy upon dark matter
Astral bodies all strung like sea shells in the firmament
What old Khayyam saw was not what was seen by the Maker!
·      Omar Khayyam, d. 1131, was a renowned mathematician-astronomer
poet of old Persia
·      ruba’i  (plural: ruba’iyat): 11th-12th century Persian self-contained
quatrain of 14 syllables rhyming aaba made popular in the West through
Edward Fitzgerald’s 1859 translations titled: The Ruba’iyat of Omar Khayyam
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