Steppenwolf would that I could be hearing these, off-Times…

 poem:        Steppenwolf  would that I could be hearing demonstration-Speakers these, off-Times…        2-20-10

                         what’s more of war’s illegal in our socio-Polity lacking neo-con’s back-Wash              

        weigh-ins or war’s decommissioning the spirit of winter-Solstice

stripped from the pillaged mind-Scape of  integrity, vasils floundering

relaxed from freedom w.o. exorbinant healthcare,

watching the Pentagons takeover without re-Hearing demonstration-speaker, again and again, and again

w minimum expectations to recover humanity’s meanings

as the  Earth’s pollution roaming freer

involves no dissolutions of detergents

the waters scarcity cannot wash the toxicity

into the human eyes to rinse fear over the gloss

does sit better, not in or of my free-Will, not spear the emblems of dissent

to take home meanings to height then parlay or parlance “forgetful”

the government’s conniptions that we make them into vasils w hearts

many funky embraces hold that peace may not survive in wArs

exonerable Steppenwolf, end these wars-Warring maniacs

take them from the breathing air or resources ripped-Off

onward thrust democracy w.o.

their depravity thirsting uS

                                                             what extravagance does meting these meanings w Zen’s existence inculcate

                                    the innocuous forlorn depravity of Justice

                                                             the human-scorn AND zap the new-Rome: empire

                                    chastise them with your hearts plural

                                                  as well then, replant the forests

                                                                  referral those hindrances w referendum’s gravure

                                    exonerate the vasils-Floundering, bring us dissenters to occupy the minds

                                    give us Oxygenate, that the mind’s blood may circulate


    written 2-06 & 27-10 @ de-Alert apt. by “R” Addison


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