Dismissed to fend against time without direction or distraction
Cast into a stagnant sea of vacuous days
Awash with doubts that swirl from idleness
A casualty of an unanticipated cross current
that capsizes crafts never made seaworthy
too flimsy to fathom unfamiliar waters
Outfitted to navigate only the shallows
where others plotted their tedious course to hug a monotonous shoreline
A numbing humdrum that drones on for those unwaged and unaware
So many drowning where they could have stood
Abandoned workers branded redundant
flounder in eddies of bitter isolation
no longer accomplishing defining tasks that held their rapt attention
Regimented minds set loose to wander
finally free
may begin to wonder what drives the craving for routine
forcing a desperate surrender to habit
draining and demeaning as any addiction
basing a sense of self on a daily dose of endless duties
undermining a sense of balance
segregating work from leisure from meaning
Busy work
disconnects us from truth
A tool used by bosses to squander the time workers reaped
after industrialization severed man from the land
Contrived to limit thought and creativity and avenues of escape
a machination soon swept insidiously into schools
nipping nascent thought before the age of reason
diverting generations from meandering in inspired contemplation
from acting out their dreams
Carefully taught compliance over confidence
obliged them to follow instructions until stultified and set adrift
On a bearing away from ourselves
we move on an unnatural heading
into armies and factories and middle management bureaucracies
where work eclipses life
where harried three-day weekends replace idyllic vacations
where opportunities for introspection and course adjustments vanish
unmissed by those not weaned on reflection
and spared the realization of being unrecognizable one from the other
all sailing along without a rudder
until shipwrecked
stranded with nothing but time
incapable of filling the void

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