Two Nations

"One Nation Working Together"

sounds like a positive call for unity,

but it's actually a call for uniting with the enemy.

We are

two nations locked in conflict!




Two Nations: when the health insurance industry makes more money by denying health care than by providing it.

Two Nations: Health Insurers and the Sick



Two Nations: when our youth are sent to kill and be killed in wars for oil and conquest.

Two Nations: Warmakers and Soldiers



Two Nations: when our government illegally spies, kidnaps, tortures, and invades with impunity, while we have the largest prison population in the world.

Two Nations: Torturers and Victims



Two Nations: when banks repossess homes while the homeless sleep in the streets.

Two Nations: Banks and the Homeless



Two Nations: when the auto industry gets bailed out while factories move overseas.

Two Nations: Manufacturers and Workers



Two Nations: when immigrants, women, people of color, and GLBTQs are denied equal rights.

Two Nations: Oppressors and the Oppressed



Two Nations: when mountains are flattened and oil is spilt for profit.

Two Nations: Exploiters and Inheritors of the Earth



Two Nations: Rich and Poor



Two Nations: Capitalists and Workers



Two Nations Destine for Class War!

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