wars-Circuitry analogous to killing is goodness-Acuity

poem:  wars-Circuitry analogous to killing is goodness-Acuity
like, where does this nomen start, if not paradigms of empire’s July-4th
indiscriminate practice-Pollutes from pyro-Technics in excess of 
½ hour’s programs of bang-Whomp, ploosh
bombs pollutions, armaments pollutes post-Impact, dispersals 
of tanks-Guns fired, dispersals of canons and howitzers fired, dispersals
other dispersals of white-Phosphorous from helicopters 
                  chopping hydro-Carbons to the grounds’ surfaces
dispersals sprayed onto the concrete & apartment’s houses below, 
            the fund of watching horror pollute the mind-Scape dispersals
allotable measurements of actual-Molecules utilized 
in eradicating the oxygenate-Atom
dispersals of the un-Kind, toward the pollutes never allowed 
by human-Measurements
nor expense-Accounts of robotoids 
to do the "toxins & nuclides" justice for humanity
to re-Enter the ubiquitous obliterated 
toxically-Improved eco-Zones diminished
what chemical-Rapprochement do you need, if any at all
to re-enter gaseous-Radiation of interstellar-Space..
so, the Pentagons/cIAs moved onward and toward better transgressions
the illegal-Usages made for too-Plentiful abusives backs to-the-Aggression
that of "forever: not-so-Depleted ur-238" a wonderful toy for empire 
toxicity spasdics of toxins-Parity robots-Anonymous
meanwhile, back w the horse being fed grasses over-laden 
w hydro-Carbons, a monolith of BAILoUTS amends no needs 
for $50 billion continuing to make more fast-Breeder reactors, 
GNEP and complement enrichment 
beyond the hundreds of thousands of pounds
plutonium, give me a million-Pounds we’ll BAILoUT
of that and I’ll have signed that I’ve been in need from whatever 
the rest-of-Humanity does not have needs nor progress
            languor of excess supposed to become "peace"
            next area zone depleted, and oxygenate pollutions 
for greed-Continuance ten-Times over normal breath-Levels

written by "R" Addison 2-03-09 @ 384

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