What would you do when the trains went by?

Yes it was the early 40's

It was a cold winter during the War

It was Germany and the trains kept going by

Did I know they were full of people, stacked like bags of flour

Going to their death? Screaming for help…

What can I say?


Think a minute if that was you or me…

What would we do when the trains came by

And heard what we thought were cries for help

Or the wheels rubbing against the cold metal tracks

One  Church, by the tracks, in this small village,  even planned the hymns during the times the trains went by, in

this sacred place, no one could hear the cries for help…


What about the trains that go by for us these days

The person of color, the Muslim, the Hmong family down the block

The gay or lesbian teen who lives in fear of his classmates & parents and church, mosque or place of spiritual practice…

The fact is, as a country we think we know what is best for others And go to war to prove it


What are we doing to stop the trains of hate, fear & separation?

We are called to be peace

and fill them with hope and new life, not trains of death and darkness…

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