January 24, 2011

'In case you missed it, there is a fierce debate going
on. One side, which now controls the House and
effectively can block legislation in the Senate,
disparages science, wants America to be close to a
theocracy, craves a return to Wild West gun-slinging,
would gut social insurance, and repeal most of the
affirmative gains of social investment and public-
interest regulation since the New Deal.

'The other side recognizes the value of public spending
in a deep recession and beyond, wants a progressive tax
code, defends Social Security, Medicare and the new
health reform, wants the financial economy to be servant
of the real economy, supports regulation that benefits
workers and consumers, and accepts evidence-based
science when it comes to climate change and other

'Unfortunately, this other side describes only about
half the Democratic Party

'Give the Republicans this: they know what they stand
for. A good chunk of the Democratic Party today doesn't

Robert Kuttner
co-editor of The American Prospect
Huffington Post
January 24, 2011

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