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CIA Officer Invents New Dance
Agency Has No Comment On Controversial ì9/11ì

Washington DC, August 4, 2006 – A CIA officer has created a new dance commemorating the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but not everyone in the US Intelligence Community is groovinì to the beat. The dance, called ìthe 9/11,ì is reportedly sweeping discos and aerobic dance studios frequented by members of the CIA and other US intelligence agencies in and around Washington DC.

Performed to the tune of the disco classic ìYMCA,’ dancers of the 9/11 use their bodies to spell out ìNine-Slash-One-One.ì Enthusiasts claim the dance provides an excellent workout as well as insightful commentary on attempts to exploit the 9/11 tragedy for political gain. Critics say the dance is disrespectful.

The 9/11 is not disrespectful, insists John Alejandro King, the CIA officer who invented the controversial dance and first publicized it on his web site ( On the contrary, the 9/11 is a valuable tool in our nationìs war on terror. For example, every time my friends and I do the 9/11 at intelligence briefings, we get our bosses more funding for counterterrorism projects. Kingìs web site features a diagram instructing readers on how to dance the 9/11.

A CIA official contacted by journalists acknowledged that King’s web site is the work of a real CIA employee. The same official denied reports that King has been targeted for retaliation by the CIA for publishing the site, which often pokes fun at the US Intelligence Community.
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