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Name Change and much more coming soon...

Michael Albert
Name Change and much more coming soon...
by Michael Albert - Thursday, 16 April 2015, 7:58 AM

ZSchool is going to have a name change soon, reflecting a massive enlargement.


The new name will likely become Mutual Aid Education (MAE) - or something like that.


Within MAE, ZSchool, which will be the set of courses hosted by Z, will be one component of MAE, Z being one partner. But other partners will also host courses where the sum of all the component sets of courses adding up to the full curriculum of MAE.


MAE in other words will be a multi organization project, yet also a single entity. Fees will support faculty, partner organizations, and MAE itself. An account is for the whole of MAE and all courses, hosted by any partner, are open to everyone who enrolls.


We have just begun inviting partners and have heard back from only a few so far.Even so, already, Sto Kokkino (a very large English language Greek alternative media site), Rabble, (a Canadian alternative media site), Centre for Civil Society (a South African radical Research Institute), and Real News Network (a U.S. alternative Videos site), are on board as partners. We anticipate enlarging this list in the next few weeks.


Beyond letting you who have taken the time to sign up an account on ZSchool (soon to be an account on MAE) know that this is in the works, I want to urge that you consider the possibility of promoting the endeavor and supporting it by participating in courses, and by getting others to do so too. Momentum matters.


The next session will be in July/August and we will start enrolling for its courses in early June.


It you have an idea for an organization that you think might be a good choice to become a partner - where such organizations host courses, with no work involved, promote them and the school to their own constituencies, and receive a share of revenues in return - please let us know (



Michael Albert