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135 Users So Far

Michael Albert
135 Users So Far
by Michael Albert - Wednesday, 11 March 2015, 1:02 PM


We have begun welcoming people into ZSchool. 135 have so far signed up. I am testing a tool, here, to see if you all receive this message. It is posted to the event forum, but I have attempted to configure that so it will email everyone, as well. You don't need to report - I will know. 

Some of you had trouble with being confirmed as having signed up. If you created an account but can't log in, email and I will manually confirm you. Most likely the confirmation email went to a spam folder somewhere, before reaching you. 

It is possible, though unlikely, you will pay for a course and then have trouble signing in. If so, let me know that, too, for example send me the email indicating the charge went through and thus what course you signed up for, so we can correct it. 

A high proportion of you have signed into ZSchool but not yet chosen a course to take. I hope you will do so soon not least to help us with all our tasks, rather than waiting until nearly April to do so. 

And, yes, please be aware that first session courses do not start until April, so you should not be entering them and using forums, etc., ahead of time. 

Looking forward to getting started, 

ZSchool Faculty