Becoming Faculty or a Partner

Might you want to Become an Organizational Partner?


Might you want to become a WISC Faculty Member?

The first step is to look around the site. Set up a membership to facilitate it. Get an overview of the curriculum, faculty, partners, and of course the General Policies to find out more about WISC and determine if, after that, you are still interested, 

If you are still interested at that point, wonderful, the next step is to write us for answers to specific questions you may have or to seek to sign up! 

If you are writing about becoming a partner, in addition to questions you want addressed, please include some information about your organization, perhaps a web link, etc. 

If you are writing about teaching a course, please include the title and some information regarding why you think it would be a worthy addition and why you would be well equipped to teach it. 

Last modified: Thursday, 10 September 2015, 9:10 AM