Current Curriculum

At any given time only a subset of all WISC Courses are available for the current session. Here we offer a list of all courses, including those being given at the moment, and below those, all others already in the system. 

awakrnAs we are in only the first full session of of WISC, there are many additional faculty, signed up for coming semesters, but without yet having settled on course titles, and therefore not appearing in the lists below, including, for example, Bill Fletcher, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Rosa Clemente, Arun Gupta, and Chris Spannos - who, it should be added, is, along with Michael Albert, responsible for maintaining the site!

Available January/February Session

einsteintEach of the following courses can be taken this semester. If you are already logged in and you click on a course title, here or elsewhere in the school, you will see an option to enroll. You can also view the top page of the course, to gain a better idea what it includes. If you are not logger in - you do not yet have an account - you can log in as a guest without having to enter personal information, etc. As a guest, again, you can see the top page of courses, but then if you want to enroll you will have to create a WISC account, and pay for the particular course. Below are titles, faculty, and organizational sponsors...

Coming (and more to be announced later)

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