About Courses and Fees

World Institute for Social Change (WISC) is for anyone who wishes to participate but enrollment is required, course by course, each session.

Courses last eight weeks.

The full price for Student enrollment in any course is $50 and the low income price is $25. 

Full price and low income Students can access and use all options and facilities. An Observer can see all readings, videos, etc., and even see participation by other students, but an Observer cannot him or herself comment on content, ask questions of faculty or other students, chat, post blogs, etc.once you take a course you remain an observer for later sessions. Students see everything and can interact including with faculty, of course. Observers can observe, but cannot interact.

Please, if you can afford being a full fee student, do so. The funds help faculty, organizational sponsor, and WISC itself.

Also, please note. Once you take a course, in any of the three roles, when the course ends after eight weeks you become an observer in it. This allows you to see all the course contents for as long as you like. You can no longer interact, but you can access and see content, even new content. 

Instructions for Enrolling

To enroll in a course - as a full fee Student, a Low Income Student, or an Observer - or to see more about a course to decide if you want to enroll:

  1. In any of the lists around ZSchool, such as on the top page, or the Course Curriculum page,  that display a course title as a blue link, click on a title you are interested in. If you are NOT logged in to a live account, you will see a screen with instructions how to log in. Alternatively, at any time, use the link that says Log In or Create a WISC Account that is in the help box on the left side, or right here, to create an account. You only have to do this once for WISC, so why not do it right off? There is no down side and it will save you time.
  2. Once you have an account and are logged in, you can visit any course. Then, looking at its top page, in the left column, well down, you will see a link to enroll in that course. You should also see that same link more conveniently at the top of the page, beneath the course title and its faculty person's name. Click the link to access a form to pay for enrolling in that course.
  3. The system uses Paypal as an intermediary, but you don't need a Paypal account to enroll. You can opt to pay with your credit card. The links are there. Choose from being a full fee Student, a low income Student, or an Observer and enter your information.
  4. Once you have an account, while logged in you have full access to all courses you have enrolled in. If you want to take a second course, just go to it while you are logged to your WISC Account, and enroll in that one too.

Please note: it is important that those who can manage to pay the full fee for each course you enjoy to do so. Basically, the possibility of low rates for those in need and of even lower Observer rates depends on ample full payments from those with means. 

The reason for fees is simple: WISC has to pay faculty half goes there), and we have to cover costs of hosting the whole operation (one quarter goes there) and we want to have WISC benefit the progressive community writ large, and so one quarter goes to partners. The fee assigned is low by usual online course standards where faculty are actually engaging with students because faculty are willing to work for low returns so as to make the courses available as widely as possible. We hope we can maintain this priority.

If you take a course and like it, please let others know about it. The School will then thrive, there will be many more courses offered, the facilities will continually improve. On the other hand, if enrollment is low, prospects will be much less bright.

Last modified: Sunday, 27 December 2015, 10:40 AM