Leonard Cohen: Democracy

A Spadecaller video featuring the visual arts of Matthew Schwartz in accompaniment with Leonard Cohen’s song, Democracy

Andrew Feinstein: I Lost 39 Members of My Family in the Holocaust, Jeremy Corbyn is No Antisemite

“As the son of a holocaust survivor I find the use of antisemitism to fight political battles hard to stomach”

Julie Matthaei: Dump Trump AND!!!

We need to do everything we can to Dump Trump — AND continue to push for the system change that we need

Michael Albert: Today’s World

Interview on a variety of topics

The Juice Media: Honest Government Ad–Qanon

Another brilliant piece of satire by Juice Media exposing the conspiracy, inside the conspiracy, you didn’t know you were in. Very funny, very scary

Roy Zimmerman: “Vote Him Away #3

The Liar Tweets Tonight

Resistance Revival Chorus: “All You Fascists Bound To Lose”

Let this single and the rest of our album be your soundtrack to defeating fascism at the polls on Nov. 3 — and marching in the streets afterwards if the white nationalists in the White House don’t like the results

Daniel Ellsberg:

Daniel Ellsberg expects to have a lot of oppositional activity ahead of him in the next 4 years, no matter who is president. He, like many of us on the left, would rather battle Joe Biden in the White House

Bob Dylan: For Trump, Masters of War

Source: Bob Dylan Masters of War” by Bob Dylan Listen to Bob Dylan:

Michael Albert: The Next American Revolution & Revolutionary Participatory Society 2044

Source: Politics Art Roots Culture – Media Michael Albert is an American economist, speaker, writer, and political critic. Since the late 1970s, he has published books, articles, and other contributions on a wide array of subjects. He is known for helping to develop the socioeconomic theory of participatory economics. In 1965, Albert was studying physics Read more…

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