COP21 – Climate Emergency (Dispatch 5)

As the COP21 climate talks reach their final crucial stages, outside of the negotiation halls in Paris environmental NGOs, grassroots organizations, climate justice activists and trade unions from all over the world have been uniting to form a new global green movement.

One of its driving forces is Canadian social activist Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs The Climate. She has been speaking at activist meetings and talking to UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who before being elected committed to a 100 percent sustainable energy transition in the UK by 2030.

The last week of the COP21 has seen the opening of the climate action zone, a space for civil society to mobilize and prepare its final protest showdown at the end of the conference on December 12, now known as “D12”.

VICE News meets Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn and finds out what this new international climate justice movement has in store for the end of the summit.

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