Labor Uprising in France

Massive labor actions have been roiling France, as unions protest the policies of the nominally Socialist government. What’s that all about?

Jack Rasmus, Ph.D Political Economy, teaches economics and politics at St. Mary’s College in California. He is the author and producer of numerous works of nonfiction and fiction, including the books ‘Obama’s Economy: Recovery for the Few‘, Pluto Press, 2012, ‘Epic Recession: Prelude to Global Depression‘, Pluto Press, 2010, and ‘The War at Home: The Corporate Offensive from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush‘, Kyklosproductions, 2006.

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  1. Ken Howe September 26, 2016 12:53 pm 

    This is extremely thin. George and Rasmus spend their time discussing general European economic policy without even mentioning how European socialist parties have been hemmed in by the Eurozone and Eurozone framework, attributing it all to “a global tendency.” They also say very little about the actual labour actions in France–their scope, popular support, odds of success etc.

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