Chicago Independent Television for March

Chicago Independent Television is the monthly TV series of the Chicago Independent Media Center.


Chicago protest against Pro-Corporate "Citizens United" Supreme Court Ruling
The controversial Citizens United ruling in the Supreme Court has escalated popular concern of corporate involvement in American elections. In this next segment, we'll join a recent Chicago protest on the issue and hear from Chicagoans concerned about the ruling and its consequences.

Chicago protest against extremist Greek organization Golden Dawn
Golden Dawn is a right-wing extremist political organization in Greece, which won its way into the Parliament of Greece in 2012. The growth of Golden Dawn has drawn international concern, including a recent protest outside of Chicago's Greek consulate, as we'll see in this segment.

Sioux Nation signs international treaty against Keystone XL Pipeline
Opposition has grown to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, extending south from Canada to the United States, and poised to escalate carbon levels in the atmosphere to deadly levels. One form of opposition is an international treaty signed by the Sioux Nation in South Dakota. We'll visit the treaty ceremony in this segment.

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