Chicago Independent TV for July 2012

Chicago Teachers Union march
On May 23, 2012, the Chicago Teachers Union held a massive downtown rally and march demanding an end to school cuts, privatization and union-busting tactics. Here's a look at the protest:

The "NATO 3"
Last may, tens of thousands of protesters hit the streets in response to the NATO Summit being held in Chicago. Three of the protesters were being brought up on charges of terrorism — charges that many see as questionable. Here is the story of the "NATO 3" as told by one anti-NATO protester.

Joe Iosbaker on the NATO Protest
As the NATO summit wound down, Chicago activist Joe Iosbaker talked to reporters about the violent police response to the protest. Here are some excerpts.

NATO Debate
Just before the NATO protest in Chicago in May, the Pritzker Military Library hosted a debate on the legitimacy of NATO. Here are some excerpts.

Andy Thayer on NATO
Chicago activist Andy Thayer comments on a range of topics related to the NATO summit:

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