Dump Trump AND!!!

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Source: Julie Matthaei

We need to Dump Trump! I made this video as a call to action for two audiences: 1) TO BERNIE SUPPORTERS AND OTHER LEFTISTS AND PROGRESSIVE ACTIVISTS LIKE ME WHO KNOW THAT BIDEN IS NOT GOING TO BRING THE CHANGES WE NEED: We can’t afford not to vote in this election! Another Trump term will be a disaster for us! He will move things further to the right: attack our civil rights and our movements, encourage white supremacist violence, complete the Republican take-over of the courts, and further concentrate wealth and economic and political power in the top 0.1%. We need to do everything we can to Dump Trump — AND continue to push for the system change that we need.
2) TO PROGRESSIVES WHO WANT TO GAIN BACK WHAT WE HAVE LOST DURING TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY BY DUMPING TRUMP: Yes! Dump Trump…AND we need to use this momentum to fight for broader changes within a larger framework that realizes that r/evolutionary (gradual yet radical) system change is the only answer. We need systemic change from our current paradigm –based on greed, competition, inequality, violence, and ecological destruction –to a solidarity paradigm, rooted in love, caring, sharing, cooperation, and sustainability. This means transforming our capitalist system into a solidarity economy.
THIS IS ONLY MY SECOND MUSIC VIDEO (the first was “Yes We Can Make Wall Street Pay!), written in response to the 2008 financial crisis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm-bD…). But I’m wanting to make more political music videos, and help others do so. If you are interested in producing or helping produce more videos like this one, or if you are a radical singer-songwriter who would like to participate in a cooperative transformative music platform project, email me at jmatthaei@wellesley.edu with TRANSFORMATIVE MUSIC in the subject line.

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