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  1. george patterson July 6, 2015 2:28 pm 

    What is deeply disturbing about these excellent documentaries, produced by Professor Bill Fletcher, Jr. , is that the tragedies that occurred in McKinney, Texas and Charleston, South Carolina and also the ongoing tragedy of the racist mass expulsion of Haitians from the Dominican Republic to Haiti by the government of the Dominican Republic is a consequence of the legacy of racism, imperialism, colonialism, and neocolonialism in the Americas that is becoming much more sophisticated through contemporary globalization and neoliberalism. It is vividly illustrated by the European colonial settler who came to the Americas in which they introduced slavery and plundered, decimated, and exterminated rich, complex Native American civilizations, justifying their greed, savagery, selfishness, and depravity as Manifest Destiny and civilizing these ancient civilization supposedly in the name of God. This infamous justification is a result of the Spanish catholic arrogance that is deeply rooted in the Spanish Inquisition, extended to the Americas, and the conquest of the Americas by the Spanish conquistadores/conquerors. Thus, this is the enormous tragedy of the western imperialistic ethic that is still continuing and that we must eradicate totally.

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