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  1. Richard Bluhm July 29, 2014 7:34 pm 

    Yes, but why, Why, WHY would Israel and we complicit Americans play such a brutal, below-the-belt, savage game against prisoners, sitting ducks, in the biggest concentration camp in the world? That’s what my wife’s cousin called it after his visit to Gaza a few years ago. Well, check out this revelation:


    They, the .001%, always find a way to marginalize us by dividing and conquering. So we lament right wing Israeli radicalism and the power of the Israeli lobby, and the mainstream media fills the heads of the self-righteous with garbage about terrorists and misguided rockets and the fears of the Israeli public. They don’t talk much with Jewish Voice for Peace. “And so it goes” said Kurt Vonnegut (*)

    We, the disparate 99% including the people of Gaza have more in common with one another than we have with the 1%. George Carlin was RIGHT! Recall how much he said they care about us?

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