“If Rajoy Had Any Dignity, He Would Resign”

Invoking the legacy of Franco, ROAR contributor Carlos Delclos appeared on RT News to denounce the police violence against miners and their sympathizers.

Following yesterday’s violent police crackdown on peaceful protesters in Madrid, ROAR contributor Carlos Delclos, a lecturer in Sociology at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, appeared on RT News to denounce the brutality of police and the sudden volte-face of Prime Minister Rajoy, who announced even deeper austerity measures yesterday — and whose government has so far broken virtually every election promise it made before coming to power.

RT summarizes Carlos’ views as follows:

Carlos Delclos, a sociologist at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, is strongly critical of the role of Spain’s prime minister in the current crisis.

“If Mariano Rajoy had any sense of decency, or even a fragment of dignity that the miners and the protesters have, then he would resign, along with the rest of his government,” he told RT. “He’s broken every campaign promise that he’s made, some even at comical levels. His entire party was saying that raising sales tax was unthinkable and all that, and now we have a 21-per-cent sales tax.”

He believes that the Spanish government’s actions, including its reaction to the protests, results from the long-lasting culture of impunity.

“What we are seeing is the impunity of a government that has a lot of people that pertain to groups that had affinity with the Franco government, the Fascist government, 40 years ago, and have never had to sit before trial since then,” he said.


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