Non-Violent Direct Action – Method or Madness?

Source: Extinction Rebellion

It’s a good cause, but I don’t like their methods!” – We’ve all heard it. Extinction Rebellion’s methods have been questioned again and again. Non-Violent Direct Action has worked at points throughout history but does that mean it can work for Extinction Rebellion now? Join our presenter Jasmine Salter as she talks to some activist icons from the last few decades; Peter Tatchell the LGBT+ rights campaigner from Outrage! Frank Hewetson the Greenpeace UK Action Coordinator, Clare Farrell the XR Co-Founder and Angie Zelter the founder of Trident Ploughshares. With academic support from Nick Amin, Jasmine will look at whether Non-Violent Direct Action really has a chance of working for Extinction Rebellion today. Look at our action pack to find out more about why we’re acting on the 1st September and how to get involved in Extinction Rebellion’s Non Violent Direct Actions here… Learn more about NVDA and get involved in XR by joining a local affinity group:…

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