Tolstoys Cat: World, Peace – Five for Fighting

What kind of world do you want Think anything Let’s start at the start Build a masterpiece Be careful what you wish for History starts now

Tolstoys Cat: You Have Been Invited to Join the Greek Revolution!

On December 26th, urfurslaag, a Greek Anarchist, posted this video, entitled Anarchy is a Greek Word, to youtube. He explains what is currently happening in Greece and why it is more than a riot. He invites you to join the Greek Revolution.

Phyllis Bennis: UN official calls Israel Apartheid

President of UN General Assembly urges Israel to be recognized as an Apartheid State

: L3 Protest at New School

RSU protests L3 Corporation’s association with trustee.

Maxwell Black: Capitalism and Other Kid’s Stuff

An interesting and easy to understand critique of Capitalism. It’s great for people just getting interested in the subject and also people wanting a fresh way to present the subject. It’s best half way through. [Note: this came out before the current economic "situation."]

Howard Zinn: Chicago Workers Sit-In

With the financial crisis and the election of Barack Obama, allusions to the Great Depression, The New Deal, and FDR have become commonplace. But what can the past teach us about the current historical moment? Are the parallels useful? Historian and author Howard Zinn is well known for his People’s History of the United States. And he Read more…

Tolstoys Cat: Where the Hell is Matt

(Click video, after clicking play, to watch in high definition on Dancing 2008 is a video made by Matt who travels around the world and dances with people he meets. It’s quite beautiful.  

: Steve Fainaru – Big Boy Rules: America’s Mercenaries Fighting in Iraq

Pulitzer Prize winner, Steve Fainaru, talking about his latest book, Big Boy Rules: America’s Mercenaries Fighting in Iraq, at Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon.

Authors Many: Casino Crash: the end of neo-liberalism?

The greatest financial crisis since the Wall Street crash of 1929 has been met by an unprecedented set of government actions to stem the tide of destruction. But is there also a coming sea change in economic theory and practice, as well as in politics, in the shift from a free market to intervention in Read more…

Mark Weisbrot: Financial Turmoil and the “Solutions”

World leaders of the G-20 gathered in Washington to discuss solutions to the global financial crisis. Although the crisis originated in the deregulated financial markets of the developed countries, the impacts of the crisis – both in the financial sector and in the real economy – are spreading globally, including to many countries of the Read more…

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