Noam Chomsky: Postmodernism an Instrument of Power

Interview about postmodernism, how it is an instrument of power and why academics embrace it

Vijay Prashad: ‘Dangerous Confrontation’ With Iran

Interview on the American, Saudi and Israeli ​campaign against Iran and the new Cold War with Russia

Abby Martin: Silencing Palestine

A visitto the the Ramallah offices of Addameer–the most prominent prisoners’ rights organizations in Palestine–for a shocking investigation into the use of Israeli jails and arbitrary laws as a weapon

Mustafa Barghouthi: Jerusalem Protests

The deadly Israeli crackdown on Palestinians protesting restrictions at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque is part of an effort to divide the holy site and undermine the Palestinian struggle for freedom

Greg Palast: Stopping Crosscheck

Jesse Jackson and Bernie Sanders team up to stop Kris Kobach’s Crosscheck program

Ali Abunimah: Break the silence on Gaza

“It’s up to us to challenge the institutional complicity and silence”

Abby Martin: Supermarkets to Black Markets

Talking to Venezuelans on the streets of Caracas

Noam Chomsky: Profiting from Taxpayers

Interview on how the banking, fossil fuel and tech sectors all profit immensely from taxpayer dollars

Cornel West: How Intellectuals Betrayed the Poor

For 40 years academics were duped into idolizing the idea of unfettered markets

Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism & the working class

Interview on the adverse effects of neoliberalism on the working class

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