Rania Khalek: Fueling Trump’s Rush to Bomb

The U.S. strike on the Assad regime continues policy that tacitly helps Al Qaeda and ISIS, all the while raising the threat of conflict with Russia

Lawrence Wilkerson: Attack Driven by Domestic Politics

The Syrian Government may not be responsible for the chemical attack and that Trump’s response was a violation of international law

Phyllis Bennis: US Syria Strike Was Illegal

Trump is receiving praise for his swift decision to bomb the Syrian airbase allegedly responsible for carrying out Tuesday’s gas attack, but the President’s grounds for action are shaky at best

Rania Khalek: Will ISIS and Al Qaeda Benefit?

Interview on the near-uniform media and political support for President Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian military airfield, the need for an independent investigation into the Idlid chemical attack, and why the U.S. strike may benefit ISIS and Al Qaeda

Gregory Wilpert: Ecuadorian Candidate Refuses to Concede

Guillermo Lasso, the conservative who lost Ecuador’s presidential vote, is aiming to delegitimize the leftist winner, Lenin Moreno, before he takes office

David Sheen: Israel & Palestine in the Gilded Age

In Israel, the eliminationist camp is already in charge

Cornel West: On the Unpopular James Baldwin

Dr. Cornel West joined us at Harvard Divinity School to discuss James Baldwin’s legacy.

Ilan Pappe: The Myth of Israel

Journalist Max Blumenthal sits down with renowned Israeli historian Ilan Pappe to talk about the first of his forthcoming book, Ten Myths About Israel

Rachel Boothroyd: Why has Venezuela’s Supreme Court Assumed Legislative Power?

Discussion on the Venezuelan TSJ’s move to assume the legislative power of the AN

Phyllis Bennis: US Escalates Wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen

The US has been accused of killing more than 200 civilians in Mosul, Iraq as a result of airstrikes against the Islamic State

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