PARECOMIC is a graphic novel about something that affects us all: the system we live in – what's wrong with it, and how we might be able change it for the better!

Written by Sean Michael Wilson, and drawn by Carl Thompson, PARECOMIC is about Michael Albert and his life's struggle as a US left wing activist, reaching right back to the heady days of 1960's student demos and lifestyle rebellions. From the development of the anti war movement, civil rights, the woman's movement, and the black panthers to the establishment of alternative media like South End Press and Znet. PARECOMIC shows us Michael's story, and at the same time the ideas and issues that influence both our society and the better alternative that we can build via the anarchist influenced system of participatory economics. Or PARECON for short – hence the title for our book, which rather started out as a joke – but has stuck: PARECOMIC.

Michael Albert himself has worked closely with us to check the authenticity of the scenes and info. He will be contributing a substantial text section at the back of the book about Parecon ideas, and the introduction will be by his long term colleague Noam Chomsky. The recent upsurge in popular protest in the USA and around the world shows that people are not happy with the state of capitalism. The Occupy movements indeed shows us that many people would prefer a better system, a model that will work for the 99%, not just the 1% – Parecon is one such model.

The PARECOMIC book will be published by Seven Stories Press, a great NY publisher who specialises in books on human rights, politics, social and economic justice, but also innovative literature and poetry. A great home for our PARECOMIC book! But like most indie publishing houses they don't have much cash to throw around. So we only have a very small advance in the year or more that it takes to work on the book. Which just ain't enough folks… Therefore we need some extra help to pay for the expenses and costs of working on the book. We're not in this just for the money, but we need some to survive! So help us out if you want to see this great book, PARECOMIC come alive.

Help us fund this project! The link to our kickstarter is right here:


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