Reproductive labor in a participatory economy

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Source: Anarchism & Democracy

This Youtube channel is directly related to the conference Crisis of the Nation-State – anarchist answers, which was held at the Freiburg University of Education in March 2021 and organized by Thomas Stölner (Vienna), Gözde Okcu and Uwe Bittlingmayer.

The conference (homepage: see here […]) focused on the question which alternatives to nation-states are currently being discussed and how plausible these models are. The spectrum of positions discussed in keynotes and workshops ranged from council models (Parecon, Parpolity), economic models of social planning, social anthropology to general critique of domination and consensus building in larger groups.

This channel documents the keynotes and workshops, also to bring them to a broader discussion. In addition, interviews with relevant positions conducted in advance of the conference are available. More interviews will follow over time, with which we hope to deepen and broaden the issues raised.

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