Solidarity to the struggle of the prisoners

 We began our struggle 18 days ago. 10000 prisoners started with abstention of the prison meals and continued with hunger strike in order to give a struggle against the miserable conditions of the greek prisons and against the indifference of the Ministry of Justice. 

From tommorow, Friday 21st of Novemebr 2008, we, the inmates of the prisons of this country, announce that we suspend our mobilisations by stoping the hunger strike.

The bill, which is presented in the Parliament, by the Ministry of Justice concerns a few of our demands. The minister is obligated to fullfil his commitments for the immediate release of the prisoners, who he promised to leave free, and on the same time to move on by introducing specific measures which will concern all of our demands. We, the prisoners, perceive this bill as a first step, which is a result of our struggle and of the solidarity of the society, but it does not cover us, it does not solve our fundamental problems.

During this struggle we claimed above all else our dignity. And this dignity will not be taken away by any minister and any prison-guard. We will not tolerate any arbirtariness, any vengeful transfer, any intimidating disciplinary. We did not bend and we will not bow.

We demand from the parliament to move on for the total abolition of the limit of the 4/5 to the penalties for a number of offences, the abolition of the sum of the disciplinary charges and the expansion of the favourable provisions for the leaves and the discharge under conditions for all the categories of prisoners. Furthermore we demand that the announcement of the Minister of Justice for the improvement of the prison conditions to become law in the next three months (abolition of juvenile prisons, installation of cure centers for the drug addicted, application of the social work instead of imprisonment, enhancement of the medical treatment for the prisoners, integration in the greek legislation of favourable european regulations etc).

Finally, we thank the solidarity movement, every commission, political party, media, and fighter that stands by our side by any means chosen, and we declare that our struggle against the human disposal centers, the prisons, for the fianl victory of our demands continues.

Panhellenic Committee of Prisoners

Rantza Jabar of Hose (Prison of Trikala)
Alexandras Kola (Prison of Trikala)
Abdel Halim Fatah of Moameth (Prison of Trikala)
Vaggelis Pallis (Prison of Chios) 
Karaboulea Dani of Nikolai (Prison of Corfu)

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