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    Arby November 26, 2015 3:39 pm 

    Yanis gets Canada very wrong. It is already becoming apparent that the Obamish Truduea is not a people’s champion. The myth that he outflanked the (neoliberal, for gosh sake) NDP with his promise to do deficit spending is a myth – when Trudeau is also giving speeches to organizations like the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnership praising P3s (also known as alternative financing arrangements). P3s are privatization by stealth. ( http://bit.ly/1Qo4glh)

    He hasn’t had the opportunity to abuse Canadians with P3s yet, but in other ways he’s raised eyebrows. Speaking of Obama, Obama has let the cat out of the bag on Trudeau’s wholesale endorsement of the TPP, which transfers political power from the people through their (captured) governments to unaccountable, tax evading corporations. The point about that is that Trudeau, desiring votes, insisted that his government would give that deal a full airing in Parliament. Of course, It’s true that the outcome of that full airing would be favorable to the deal. As Yves Engler (Canadian Dimension magazine), all three main Canadian parties are neoliberal parties. Yanis: Inequality is at the core of inequality.

    The promise Trudeau made about bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees before 2016 is out now. And, for goodness sakes, Look at his finance minister! If it’s true that the finance minister has power equal to the PM, then, folks, Canadians are screwed. Bill Morneau, our new finance minister, was a former head of the C.D. Howe Institute. Google it or (better yet) visit some alternative media websites and Google it. The C.D. Howe has written a plethora of papers promoting deep integration with the U.S.. Its been one of Canada’s biggest sellers of neoliberal capitalism. Back in 2005, another Canadian rightwing think tank (Canadian Council of Chief Executives) issued a report calling for the deep integration of Canada that is as breathtaking as it is shocking. It included proposals for (essentially) making it easier for the US to get at our water and for a North American currency union. Uh huh!

    Residents of Toronto’s Cabbage Town (Toronto Centre riding) elected a rightwing think tank for Canadians. And Bill Morneau isn’t the only ‘in’ that the C.D. Howe Inst has with Trudeau’s new government.

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