Wikileaks and a question of loyalty

After attempting to get the American people to believe they’d be safe without Saddam Hussein and Osama Ben Laden, as if without these two individuals, anger and desire for revenge against the US and its allies would disappear, the US leadership now wants its people to believe that by jailing the founder of Wikileaks they will make the American military (and presumably therefore the American people) safe, as if Wikileaks was one person and as if Wikileaks was the only free-thinking group of people on the planet. Let us have no illusions:the US leadership is protecting itself. Even when it protects its allies, it does so for its own sake. We already know that the US allies of today can become tomorrow’s enemies. The more killing and suffering unleashed by the US and its clients, the more risk they put themselves at in the event of the people turning against them. Revolutions have happened before, and recently. The revolutions of the past may not be what we need to bring about significant change, but the elites will do all they can to prevent the ‘masses’ from taking power. Starting with indoctrination.

Assange may be a traitor in the eyes of those whose loyalty goes to a State. To those whose loyalty goes to humanity and universal justice, whistleblowers such as Wikileaks are heros.


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