You Had Me At Hola by Lonnie Ray Atkinson (with Anitek)

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This video is dedicated to the DREAMERS, 
Your courageous actions forced Obama to curb deportation and offer work authorizations for nearly 1 million young people! 

"You had me at HOLA" 
Verse One: 
This little baby gets citizenship / this little baby gets none 
This little baby gets privilege / this little baby gets none 
and this little baby watches her parents cry – wee wee wee all the way home

Baby with an accent / baby with a tan 
Baby picked the wrong parents / Baby, get off my land 
'cause this little baby just knows that this little baby is trash 
And this little baby can't bear to hear this little baby ask…

Chorus One: 
narration (translated): 
(- How can inalienable rights be based on citizenship, if citizenship is based on the luck of one's birth? 
– Aren't derogatory terms like "illegals" just another form of dehumanizing a political and economic scapegoat?) 
How did you know to hate me? 
How did you know to hate me? 
Just stop… 
You had me at hola

Verse Two: 
This little baby we're ashamed of / and this little baby we're proud 
This little baby was chosen / but don't say that too loud 
This little baby will work the jobs that this little baby won't do 
And who cares about the conditions as long as this little baby's not you 

America the beautiful / America the brand 
Only special babies can have what our babies have 
American babies are an exceptional class 
And only anti-American babies would have the nerve to ask…

Chorus Two: 
narration (translated): 
(- Hasn't neoliberal economics contributed to worsening conditions throughout the developing world, forcing migration to this country? 
– Is it not hypocritical to allow the free flow of capital across borders but not the free flow of labor and human dignity?) 
How did you know to hate me? 
How did you know to hate me? 
Just stop… 
You had me at hola

fathers / mothers / sisters / brothers / 
illegals / anchors / invaders / others 

Verse Three: 
This little baby's undeserving, so this little baby keeps hid 
And this little baby earned his rights by falling where he did 
But some little babies have had enough with numbers growing fast 
Til a multitude step from the shadows, and a chorus of voices ask…

Chorus Three: 
narration (translated): 
(- If debate is to end at the breaking of a law, how can we hail the movement for civil rights? 
– What greater demonstration of nonviolent resistance could we ask for than an honest days work?) 
How did you know to hate me? 
How did you know to hate me? 
Just stop… 
You had me at hola

narration (translated): 
(- Aren't the most vulnerable always demonized in order to divert attention from those with power? 
– Aren't these borders merely imaginary lines drawn in the shadow of genocide, theft and forced labor? 
– Was the civil rights movement not also a human rights movement? 
– Do we really believe in inalienable human rights?)

fathers / mothers / sisters / brothers / 
illegals / anchors / invaders / others

How did you know to hate me? 
How did you know to hate me?…

"You had me at hola (with Anitek)" by Lonnie Ray Atkinson is licensed under a Creative Commons License

Melody and Lyrics: Lonnie Ray Atkinson 
Translation: Julie Nastri 
Vocals: Lonnie Ray Atkinson 
Narration Vocals: Celia Manriquez and Tomas Rivas 
Music Track: Instrumental (Advance) by Anitek 
(http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/780389/advance and Anitek)

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This song is about immigration. It is meant to question our perceptions regarding borders, citizenship, inalienable rights, global economics, exceptionalism, and other factors that shape immigration policy and the immigration debate.

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