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Boris Kagarlitsky: Tsipras and the Vampires

The actions of the Troika seem far less absurd if we reflect that the billions of euros intended to “save Greece” never reached that ill-fated country but were deposited immediately in German and French banks

Tom Engelhardt: The Superpower Conundrum

The Rise and Fall of Just About Everything

Theodoros Karyotis: Our responsibility to vote ‘NO’ in the Greek referendum

A yes vote would entail a major setback for popular struggles; a NO vote, by contrast, would open up radical new horizons for the grassroots movement

Pete Dolack: G7 leaders fiddle while Earth burns

The world has to drastically reduce its consumption. As this is an impossibility under capitalism, another world is not only possible, it is necessary

George Monbiot: Scotland’s land reform is too timid

Why not raise the level of ambition with new national parks, protected for their habitats, which could generate new jobs built on wildlife and tourism?

Juan Cole: Bernie Sanders’ 10,000-person crowd in Madison biggest of any Candidate so Far

The Democratic Party’s left wing is fed up and isn’t going to take it any more

Richard Falk: Turkey’s Electoral Maelstrom

Despite dominating the election and winning 256 seats, the AKP still fell short of the majority of representatives

Mark Weisbrot: Are European authorities trying to force regime change in Greece?

The European authorities are offering no future to Greece – no light at the end of the tunnel, especially for the 60 percent of young people who are already unemployed

Bernie Sanders: Why Not?

We must send a simple message to the billionaire class: You can’t have it all

Vijay Prashad: What if Greece were in the ‘Third World’?

It is only because the crisis-hit nation is an EU member that it is being given a choice in the imposition of the neo-liberal economic agenda

Kevin Ovenden: Battle Lines Drawn in Athens

A report from the streets of Athens on the mood as the country prepares for Sunday’s referendum on austerity

Yiannis Bournous: A Message of Solidarity And Hope From Greece”

Yiannis Bournous, member of the Political Secretariat of Syriza was invited by Alternatives to its Festival of Solidarity held in Montreal on June 13, 2015. This speech has been transcribed by Jennifer Geleff, contributer to the Alternatives International Journal Some of you know many aspects of the consequences of the barbaric neoliberal austerity policies that Read more…

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos: The Significance Of A Greek “No” In The National Referendum

In this country where we live today, on the very soil we tread, the «ideologist» of the Athenian Republic, Protagoras, proclaimed «Man is the measure of all things», for the first time in the history of humanity. The Greek people, at one of the most critical and dramatic crossroads of a history going back several Read more…

Bill Fletcher: History is not the past

Review of An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States, by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

Eugene Nulman: Bernie Sanders and the rebirth of socialism in the USA?

Bernie Sanders is increasing discussion about socialism, but what does it really mean for progressive politics in America?

Richard Falk: Reading Claudia Rankine On Race

We white people have lots to learn about racism in America no matter how progressive our attitudes toward race. I realized this some years ago when I found Toni Morrison’s Beloved so grimly illuminating in depicting the cruelty experienced after the abolition of slavery by our African American fellow citizens left in a malicious shadow Read more…

Alexis Tsipras: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ message

I urge you to strengthen this negotiating effort with your support, I invite you to say NO to the memorandum measures that are destroying Europe

Ramzy Baroud: Baskin’s Generous Offer: Making Peace with Israeli Occupation

It would be fair to assume that Gershon Baskin’s recent article in the Jerusalem Post is not a mere intellectual exercise aimed at finding ‘creative’ solutions to the Israeli occupation of Palestine

Dick Nichols: Spain: Huge advance for left in local/regional elections, but ‘Spanish SYRIZA’ sorely needed

In Greek terms, the all-Spanish left now has no choice but to work out what it will really take to create “the Spanish SYRIZA” that is so sorely needed

Gary Younge: Farewell to America

After 12 years in the US, Gary Younge is preparing to depart – as the country’s racial frictions seem certain to spark another summer of conflict

Vijay Prashad: Israel against the United Nations

With the leadership in Israel implicated in potential war crimes, how would the UN expect that it would hold itself accountable?

Danica Jorden: Puerto Rico: Governor Announces Island “Insolvent”; Cuba Says Decolonize Now

Puerto Rico is not able to declare bankruptcy like Detroit, due to its lack of State status, nor can it reach out as a sovereign state, as Greece can. But hedge funds stand to profit

Juan Cole: If ISIL had burned down 4 Churches, it would have been Headline News

Seven African-American churches have burned down in the past week and at least four of these southern Black churches were victims of deliberate arson, and possibly six were

Noam Chomsky: Greece Faces “Savage Response” For Taking on Austerity “Class War”

Interview on Europe’s “savage response” to the pushback against austerity demands

Giannakopoulos Georgios: The Restoration of Dignity

Now more than ever, the Greek people are in need of support and solidarity in every form

Petros Diveris: On Europe, the euro, Democracy and the drachma

I witnessed the loss of it all. The family house, dad’s shop, everything

Leonidas Oikonomakis: No more ‘Yes to all’: time for a proud and dignified ‘NO!’

Finally, the Greek people will be able to say a dignified ‘NO!’ to austerity. We owe it to those who suffered, those who migrated — and those who died

Chris Kromm: Charleston massacre draws attention to white supremacist backing of politicians

The leader of a right-wing group which apparently influenced Dylann Roof’s extremist views on race before the Charleston church shootings had donated tens of thousands of dollars to leading Republicans

Barbara J. Fields: How Race Is Conjured

The fiction of race hides the real source of racism and inequity in America today

David Bacon: California Court Ruling Could Make It Nearly Impossible for Farmworkers To Win Union Contracts

On May 18 in Fresno, California, the state’s Court of Appeals for the 5th District ruled that a key provision of the state’s unique labor law for field workers is unconstitutional. Should it be upheld by the state’s supreme court, this decision will profoundly affect the ability of California farm workers to gain union contracts. Read more…

Paul Krugman: Greece Over the Brink

This isn’t about analysis, it’s about power — the power of the creditors to pull the plug on the Greek economy, which persists as long as euro exit is considered unthinkable

Paul Mason: Will Syriza’s last desperate gamble pay off?

The banks are closed, the bailout referendum is looming – and Europe’s only far-left government is struggling to hold on to its mass support. In less than a week, it will either be triumphant or finished

Joseph Stiglitz: How I would vote in the Greek referendum

Neither alternative – approval or rejection of the troika’s terms – will be easy, and both carry huge risks

Hordur Torfason: Iceland’s unfinished revolution?

Interview with the award-winning human rights activist credited with starting Iceland’s ‘pots and pans revolution’,

Atilio Boron: Obama, When It Comes to Cuba, Yes You Can!

Six months after last Dec. 17’s announcement, Obama could have done more. Even if only to stick to his word

Lucas Koerner: PSUV Parliamentary Primary Sees Historic Grassroots Turnout

In a reportedly historic turnout, 3,162,400 Venezuelans voted in the internal parliamentary primaries of the governing Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela

Jill Stein: “An Age of the Statistically Unlikely”

Interview on a “Green New Deal,” ending mass incarceration and police brutality, a $15 per hour federal minimum wage, and many other topics

Juan Cole: The Great Wall of Turkey? Ankara imagines DMZ w/ Kurds, ISIL

Turkey has so far escaped most of the severe disruptions of the Syrian war, even though it has a long border with that country

Tom Vouloumanos: Syriza, The EU Institutions & Struggle For Democracy

A Greek victory, however minor, against EU imposed austerity will shake a European establishment to its core

Stephen R. Shalom: Assessing the Sanders Campaign

Sanders has been able to deliver an alternative message to more people than has been the case in many years.

Kathy Kelly: Before the Dawn

For now, it remains a blessing to work alongside people awake together, even in darkness, working to face burdens with kindness, ready to join with kindred spirits near and far, faces aglow with precious glimmers of a coming day

Alex Doherty: From Liberal Hawks to Neocons – The Henry Jackson Society

Although the Cold War may have ended some twenty-five years ago, it continues to influence contemporary politics in unexpected ways

Michael T. Klare: Russia vs. China

The Conflict in Washington Over Who Should Lead America’s Enemies List

Arun Gupta: The End of Terrorism

While calling Roof a terrorist is important for the historical power it carries, it should be coupled with opposition to the war on terror and more government grabs for repressive powers

Juan Cole: Tehran Press on Talks

From “Iran will be US Strategic Ally” to “US Sanctions here to stay”

Robert Hunziker: Is Fukushima Getting Worse?

The Fukushima multiple nuclear disasters continue spewing out hot stuff like there’s no tomorrow. By all appearances, it is getting worse, out-of-control nuclear meltdowns

Mads Gilbert: Working under siege in Gaza’s Shifa hospital

The veteran medic’s book, Night in Gaza, contains photographs that document the horror of last summer’s war.

Haaretz Editorial: The most racist Knesset in Israel’s history

Lawmakers seem to compete against each other to the racist nadir

Caitlin Dickerson: Secret World War II Chemical Experiments Tested Troops By Race

“They said we were being tested to see what effect these gases would have on black skins”

Nina Burleigh: Are We on the Verge of a Nuclear Breakdown?

Air Force officers at America’s nuke sites work 24-hour-shifts in antique underground capsules launching fake attacks straight out of ‘Strangelove’ — and they’re ready to blow

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