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Max Blumenthal: Fired MSNBC Contributor Speaks Out

As Gaza body toll mounts, NBC executives crack down on criticism of Israel with increasingly draconian measures

Shea Howell: Distorted Reality in Detroit

We are faced with decisions that defy rationality. We are presented with conclusions that benefit bankers, businesses, and a small financial elite

Noam Chomsky: BDS and Beyond

Michael Albert interviews Noam Chomsky for teleSUR English, which will launch on July 24 1. Broadly, what is BDS – its aims, its means? As far as I can reconstruct the history, the first organized call for boycott of products of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories was in 1997 by the Israeli peace organization Gush Shalom, whose Read more…

Noam Chomsky: On Israel-Palestine and BDS: Chomsky Replies

Noam Chomsky responds to Yousef Munayyer, MJ Rosenberg, Nadia Ben-Youssef, Ran Greenstein and the Organizing Collective of the US Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel

Justin Podur: Q/A on Palestine

Israel is a part of the West. Its economy and politics are fully integrated with the West. It simply cannot do this without support from the US, Canada, and Europe

George Monbiot: Bone China Tea Party

Beware the self-pity of the governing classes

Deepa Kumar: Telegenic Dead: Israel’s Crumbling Media War

As the world watches in horror the massacre of Palestinians, Israel’s propaganda war is being challenged not only on social media but by some establishment journalists as well

Tariq Ali: Blinded by Israel, Visionless in Gaza

The US Senate votes unanimously to defend Israel including Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

Jonathan Cook: US Plays Decisive Role in Israel’s Attack On Gaza

There can be no hope of a peaceful solution ever gaining traction – or these bouts of blood-letting in Gaza coming to end – unless Washington is finally unmasked as Israel’s abettor-in-chief

Taylan Tosun: While Iraq is Disintegrating … What’s Next?

The geopolitics of Iraq has definitely changed after the US occupation in 2003

Angela Davis: On Palestine and the Prison Industrial Complex

to Davis makes the connections between the violence in Gaza and the struggle for racial justice

Robert Fisk: A Grey Blob is Not Respect

Cruelly obliterating their image kills the child a second time

Ola al-Tamimi: How the West Bank was domesticated

While the massacres continue in Palestinian neighborhoods and refugee camps and more than 153,000 people have fled their homes in Gaza, popular anger is exploding in the Strip but Gazans are wondering why the uprising in the West Bank, which sparked the escalation in this last round, has died down

Ramzy Baroud: Gaza’s Resistance Will Not be Crushed

The resistance movement in Gaza is often misrepresented intentionally at times, and at other times innocuously. In the heat of the information battle that has ensued since Israel unleashed its latest war many facts and essential context have gone missing

Dahr Jamail: The Brink of Mass Extinction

In the last decade alone, record high temperatures across the United States have outnumbered record low temperatures two to one, and the trend is both continuing and escalating

Ali Abunimah: Israel is being defeated in Gaza as it was in Lebanon

If military victory and strength are measured in the number of civilians, especially children, that an army can deliberately target and slaughter with sophisticated machines, then there is no doubt that Israel is winning in Gaza, and has always been the winner in Palestine

Francesca Albanese: The Deafening Silence Around The Hamas Proposal

The Israeli government, followed suit by Western media and governments, was quick to put the blame on Hamas

Gideon Levy: If Netanyahu Wants to Stop the Rockets, He Needs to Accept a Just Peace

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy argues that Middle East peace will never come until the Israeli government drops its rejection of basic Palestinian rights

Maya Mikdashi: Gendering Israel’s War on Gaza

. The killing of women and children is horrific—but in the reiteration of these disturbing facts there is something missing: the public mourning of Palestinian men killed by Israel’s war machine

Immanuel Wallerstein: Germany and the United States: Unprecedented Breach

What accounts for what some are already calling an “unprecedented breach” in the very close relations after 1945 between the United States and the German Federal Republic?

Mohammed Omer: Strikes on Gaza’s Medical Facilities Continue

Latest strike on hospital and ambulances wreaks havoc on an already stretched medical infrastructure

Jérôme Roos: By Brutalizing Palestinians, Israel Dehumanizes Itself

Those who continue to waver in ambiguous aloofness and false neutrality in the face of these historic injustices will end up being remembered for it

Danny Schechter: Hackers Convention: Opposition To Mass Surveillance Grows

Thousands of hackers, privacy activists and anti-spying advocates from across the country and the world assembled at the Hotel Pennsylvania across from Penn Station in New York City this weekend to co-conspire and hear from whistleblowers

Federico Fuentes: Venezuela: Stalin vs. Trotsky?

Rather than being a vehicle for uncritically implementing decisions made by an unelected leadership, a party like the one envisaged by Chavez would be a powerful instrument through which people could defend their class interests

Kevin Zeese: People Are Mobilizing

The people of the United States no longer support war and the people of the world are rebelling against US rule

Marta Harnecker: El Salvador, a New Progressive Hope in Latin America

The new El Salvador government faces the challenge of deepening the pro-majority changes that have occurred, while updating the historic experiences of a fighting and conscious people seeking social transformation

Steven Rosenfeld: Ugly Right-Wing Underbelly at Silicon Valley Conference

Tech attendees probably have no idea of many speakers’ repugnant pasts

Martin Shaw: Russia-Israel: Domestic Politics and Serious Blowback

The slaughters in Ukraine and Gaza have one thing in common. Both result from governments authorising violence which is overwhelmingly motivated by domestic politics and appears almost gratuitous from a strategic point of view

Aura Bogado: The Dream 9, One Year Later

One year ago today, a group that would come to be known as the Dream 9 crossed from Mexico into the United States at a port of entry in Nogales, Ariz

Richard Seymour: Hamas, Israel tells us, is hiding among civilians

According to Israel, Hamas is cowardly and cynical

David McReynolds: Israel has lost the high ground – have the Israelis?

To those American Jews who, like my friend, still support Israeli actions, have they lost the ability to feel the pain of others, if those others are Muslim, and not Jews or Christians?

Lynn Stuart Parramore: Growing Up in the South as a Feminist

Young women turning away from feminism has become a media meme

David Swanson: Planning for a Day of Peace

Peace deserves more than empty platitudes compatible with the preservation of war as our largest public project

Tom Hayden: Ukraine: Anvil Of The New Cold War

It’s impossible to understand the roots of the current Ukraine crisis over the downed airliner without understanding the past, but the past is remembered as cliché on all sides

Sam Pizzigati: A New Gameplan for Taking Down Privatizers

If current trends “prevail,” all developed nations will show by 2060 “the same level of inequality as currently experienced by the United States”

Ewan Robertson: BRICS Summit

Venezuela participated in the gathering of the BRICS emerging powers and Latin American regional blocs in Brazil this week

Juan Cole: Mosul w/out Christians for First time in 1,900 Years

For the first time in nearly 2000 years, there are virtually no Christians in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq

Jack Rasmus: The U.S. Federal Reserve vs. Emerging Market Economies

The imminent end of QE, and the approaching rise in rates, will have a particularly severe impact on emerging market economies

William Boardman: Rape at College, Then Rape by College

Hobart & William Smith Colleges does a Steubenville

Peter Allen: Banning Pro-Palestine Demonstrations

France becomes first country in world to ban pro-Palestine demonstrations

Socialist Worker Reporters: A Cry of Rage For Gazain London

Up to 100,000 people streamed through the streets of London today, Saturday, in one of the biggest anti-war demonstrations in years

Jérôme Roos: In Greece, a Struggle To Save Europe’s Soul From Privatization

As the heat builds up over the summer months, the Greek resistance may yet save the country’s immense natural and cultural wealth from the rapacious claws of an elite gone mad

Dan La Botz: The Working Class and Left Politics

Back on the American radar

Omar Ghraieb: Dodging Israeli Bombs in Gaza

Every night I seem to think it’s the worst night, until I go through the next one

Michael Albert: Thoughts & Deeds 5: Organization!?

This is part five of a six part interview. It deals mainly with the IOPS experience

Tom Engelhardt: Requiem for the American Century

Turning 70, Paragraph by Paragraph

Robert Fisk: Israel-Gaza Conflict

Medical charity official likens job to ‘patching up torture victims in an open-air prison’

Richard Falk: Palestinian Recourse to the International Criminal Court: The Time has Come

Ever since this latest Israeli major military operation against Gaza started on July 8, there have been frequent suggestions that Israel is guilty of war crimes, and that Palestine should do its best to activate the International Criminal Court (ICC) on its behalf

Abba Solomon: Editorial Position of the New York Times: Thumbs Up for Gaza Slaughter

Over the weekend, the New York Times sent out a clear signal: the mass slaughter of civilians is acceptable when the Israeli military is doing the killing

Roger Annis: Escalation of Shelling in Eastern Ukraine

Escalation by Kyiv governmentt after the tragic crash of Malaysia Airlines flight

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