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Greg Gandin: The War to Start All Wars

The 25th Anniversary of the Forgotten Invasion of Panama

Preeti Kaur: Working Less

Maintaining Productivity and Saving the World

Joe Emersberger: Who is Isolated?

Media Fantasies about Obama’s Gesture Towards Cuba

Leonidas Oikonomakis: Zapatistas host world festival of resistance and rebellion

This month, the Zapatistas are organizing a major international meeting in Chiapas: the World Festival of Resistance and Rebellion Against Capitalism

Chiara Milan: New social movements arise in Bosnia Herzegovina

New grassroots movements, assemblies and unions are arising in Bosnia Herzegovina. Other post-Yugoslav countries experience similar returns of the left

Various Contributors: Oakland Public Defenders Don #BlackLivesMatter Shirts, Join Nationwide Protest

“This is an issue that’s alive for us, so it’s important for us to say something.”

John Feffer: Hungary Is the Second Leading Country in the EU for “Irregular Border Crossings”

People have been leaving East-Central Europe in droves to get better jobs and opportunities further to the west

Tom Slater: There is Nothing Natural about Gentrification

Cities are not natural organisms but arenas of political struggles

Glenn Greenwald: Bush Versus Clinton: the Perfectly Illustrative Election

The 2016 election would vividly underscore how the American political class functions: by dynasty

Sandra Steingraber: New York Says No to Fracking: State Bans Drilling Following Grassroots Outcry over Public Health

New York has become the first state in the nation with major natural gas deposits to ban the oil and gas extraction process of hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking

Noam Chomsky: Obama’s Historic Move

Washington and its acolytes like to pretend that they have been “isolating” Cuba, as Obama intoned, but the record shows clearly that it is the US that is being isolated

Jack Rasmus: Abenomics 2.0 – Austerity Japanese Style

As the global economy slows, the push for still more and newer forms of austerity continues worldwide

Paul Street: A Tale of Two Protests

What a difference nine days can make in the life and death of a social movement

Danny Schechter: Will The Greediest Support The Neediest?

Nowhere in any of this is a sense of what has happened to the economy with its great gaps and disparities, or the findings that New York is the most divided city in the world

Steve Early: Shummy’s Surrender

Democrat Governor Goes South on Single Payer

Vincent Emanuele: Sexual Torture: US Policy and Culture

Today, sexual abuse is not only used in US prisons abroad, but also in its domestic gulags

Juan Cole: 5 Countries where Solar Power is making a Revolution

In the next generation, renewables will be a central element in national development

Robert Fisk: CIA torture report, Noam Chomsky and Dick ‘Dark Side’ Cheney

The whole process of “enhanced interrogation techniques” is now called “EIT”. Like WMD – another whopper in our political vocabulary – the whole filthy business is wrapped up in a three-letter abbreviation

Ewan Robertson: Maduro Administration Given Reprieve by Divided Opposition

The administration of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela is facing a tough situation going into 2015, when the governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) will attempt to retain an overall majority in parliamentary elections which will by key to deciding the institutional balance of power in the South American OPEC nation. This year the Read more…

Santiago Carrion: New TISA leak: secret trade deal threatens privacy rights

A new leak exposes US attempts to boost mega-corporations by undermining privacy rights and internet freedoms through the top-secret TISA trade deal

Andrew Scott Cooper: Why Would the Saudis Deliberately Crash the Oil Market?

Simple: to undermine Tehran

William Blum: American Exceptionalism and American Torture

Do Americans and the world need yet another reminder that the United States is a leading practitioner of torture?

Jack Rasmus: The Consequences of the Global Oil Price Crash

Talk on how the net effect on the global economy will likely prove to b significantly negative overall, and that the price decline could fall as low as $40/barrel in coming months

David Swanson: No More Khirbet Khizehs

At some point “truth and reconciliation” is lies and reconciliation — the lies of pretending that the truth needed to be unearthed, that the crimes weren’t committed in the broad daylight of television spotlights

Alexis Tsipras: What the SYRIZA Government Will Do

The government programme of SYRIZA announced at the Thessaloniki International Fair on 15 September 2014

Seth Sandronsky: Democracy by Task Force

A Democrat’s War Against Raising the Minimum Wage

Richard Greeman: Catholicism: the New Communism?

The only voice within the Conference that dared to call for an end to the use of fossil fuels was that of Catholic Bishops from every continent

Vijay Prashad: Echoes of the Pink Tide

Apart from Cuba, the rest of the hemisphere had succumbed to U.S. dominion through the 20th century. With the “Pink Tide” that began with the election of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela in 1998, politics began to alter

Tiffany Maclellan: Revolutionary advocacy is everywhere, but D.C.

There is a shift occurring, and it is not a passing of the torch

Gareth Porter: How the CIA Covered Up Its Lie on Torture and bin Laden

The officials responsible for maintaining the fiction could not have anticipated that a former agency officer who knew the truth would ever speak out publicly and destroy what had appeared to be a successful cover-up

Richard: Right2Water and Podemos

For those who hope for a democratisation of Irish society, this mass repoliticisation ought to be the best thing to happen in years. At any rate, optimistic engagement trumps pessimistic dismissal

Z. C. Dutka: Maduro Defends Venezuelan Commune’s Land Rights

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced on Friday his staunch support of the agricultural commune El Maizal after their communal property title was revoked by a Supreme Court judge

Ariel Dorfman: What Does it Feel Like to Be Tortured?

It is the compassionate imagination that we now desperately need at this dire moment of revelation, so that none of us will ever dare to justify, out of fear or out of expedience, cruelty that is inflicted upon our fellow humans

Michael Albert: Building Organization

IOPS was launched in 2012 with the aim of propelling activism for winning a new world

Bill Fletcher: Dumping the South?

Transforming the South will need to be grounded in local struggles that are knitted together through networks and, more importantly, common strategies

Marina Sitrin: Solidarity Health Clinics in Greece

What self-organization gives us is the opportunity to achieve what we call a different health care, a different sort of health

Romi Mahajan: Debt and Death in the Indian Hinterland

These are two suffering families out of millions of farmers whose lives are getting increasingly desperate by the day

Janet Biehl: Impressions of Rojava

In early December an international delegation visited Rojava’s Cezire canton where they learned about the ongoing revolution, cooperation and tolerance

Richard Falk: The Dead End of Post-Oslo Diplomacy: What Next?

The Palestinian future depends on a robust mobilization of global civil society in solidarity with the Palestinian national movement

Juan Cole: Desperate Pakistani Taliban, on the ropes, attack Army School in Peshawar

Peshawar has geopolitical implications and really is the work of persons organized to pressure civilians on policy by routinely blowing them up–the very definition of terrorism

Danica Jorden: El Salvador: Miscarriage of Justice

17 Women in Prison for Miscarrying Await Pardon

Ramzy Baroud: Whitewashing CIA Torture

“We are [not so] awesome” after all

Tom Engelhardt: The Senate Drone Report of 2019

Looking Back on Washington’s War on Terror

Alan Maass: A new opening for the left in Greece

Greece is back in the international spotlight as the potential of new elections and a victory for the radical left comes into view

Richard Fidler: Bolivia to Host 2015 Meeting of Social Movements to Fight Climate Change

In wake of UN’s COP20 Failure, ALBA Summit Backs Proposal to Draft Alternative Plan

Roberto Savio: The Sad Future of Our Planet

The U.N. Climate Change Conference in Lima – which ended on 14 December 2014, two days after it was scheduled to close – was the last step before the next Climate Change Conference in Paris in December 2015, where a global agreement must be found. In Lima, 196 countries with several thousand delegates negotiated for Read more…

Patrick Kennelly: The Unspeakable in Afghanistan

If energies were focused on peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding, perhaps people could acknowledge the reality of the situation and create a true transformation of the Afghan state

Tariq Ali: The Destabilization of Pakistan

Interview on the attack in Peshawar

Gabriel Levy: The spectre of social unrest is haunting Putin’s Russia

The economic strains on the elites of oil-producing countries are very real. In Russia and perhaps elsewhere, these economic conditions will certainly trigger social and labour movements that those elites don’t like and can’t control

Pete Dolack: Civil Rights Marches Versus the Right to Puke

Racism began to be developed as an ideology to counter solidarity between Blacks and Whites and to counter poor White settlers who left the colonies to live among Indigenous peoples

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