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Glenn Greenwald: Terrorism in the Israeli Attack on Gaza

“Terrorism” is a fear-mongering slogan, lacking any consistent application, intended to end rational debate and justify virtually any conduct by those who apply the term

Paul Street: Single Standard Media Doublethink

How, I wondered, do they handle the Orwellian absurdity of the news they report?

Jonathan Cook: Israel’s Gaza Backlash Targets Arab Minority

Israel’s large Palestinian minority is facing an unprecedented backlash of incitement and violent reprisals as Israeli Jews rally behind the current military operations in Gaza

Kathy Kelly: Jobless Kabul and the Works of War

As the U.S. cobbles together justifications for its ongoing, foolhardy war in Afghanistan, glimmers of hope persist in small communities

Rania Khalek: Israel uses Palestinians as human shields but US lawmakers condemn Hamas

Both houses of the US Congress are considering passing a resolution that condemns Hamas for using human shields despite not having any evidence to prove Hamas is employing this tactic

Greg Shupak: The Logic of Israeli Violence

Israeli violence isn’t senseless — it follows a colonial logic

Suzanne McGee: Companies Proclaim Water the Next Oil

Mammoth companies are trying to collect water that all life needs and charge for it as they would for other natural resources

Juan Cole: Israel Bombs Gaza back to Stone Age

Razes only Power Plant & Plunges Strip into Darkness

George Monbiot: Unmasked

Wherever wealth is absurdly concentrated, new laws arise to protect it

Phyllis Bennis: In Gaza, International Law Is Up in Flames

In a flagrant violation of international law, Israel’s assault on Gaza has killed hundreds of civilians and devastated civilian infrastructure

Danny Schechter: The Iron Dome Inside The Heads of Israel’s Leaders

Dome heads in Tel Aviv now have orchestrated their legions of often empty-minded cult-like bi-partisan domehead supporters in Congress

Ramzy Baroud: Recruiting to Kill

It is not just an Israeli war on Gaza

Michael Albert: What Went Wrong

Some movement activists believe that whatever has been, had to be

Brad Parker: What’s not a target for Israel?

Israel’s claims that Hamas uses civilians as human shields do not absolve it of responsibility for civilian deaths

Chip Ward: The Original Geo-Engineers

Or How to Save the Iconic West from the Cow

Jack Rasmus: The U.S. Empire: Growing Stronger or Weaker?

Guests Zeese & Flowers argue the US Empire’s increasing aggressiveness and violence in recent decades are indications of its growing weakness, not strength, as challenges to it mount worldwide

Phyllis Bennis: No End to Gaza Violence in Sight

Interview on the current situation in Gaza

Nadia Abu El-Haj: Nothing Unintentional

The IDF’s bombardment of Palestinian homes, schools and hospitals, indiscriminately pummelling the people of Gaza into the ground, deserves to be called what it is: a war crime

Marwan Bishara: On Chutzpah and War

When the occupiers continue to whine about security in order to deny the indigenous people of the land the same rights for security and peace in their own land, think chutzpah

Jenny Brown: Taking a Bite Out Of Overtime Abuse

Contract provisions and laws can help. But those only get enforced if workers get organized and do it themselves

Many Authors: All Life is Connected

The people in this video represent the human family, standing on the side of freedom – for Palestinians and Israelis alike

Rashid Khalidi: Collective Punishment in Gaza

What is going on in Palestine today is not really about Hamas. It is about Israel’s permanent control over Palestinian land and Palestinian lives

Kelly Lynn: The West Bank rises up against war in Gaza

Interview on Israel’s escalating repression, and the rising tide of protest in the West Bank

Juan Cole: Israel has Impunity from Defying UNSC

Obama will protect Israel from any accountability by wielding his veto

Ilan Pappe: Who Bears Responsibility for Civilian Deaths in Gaza?

Israeli scholar and historian Ilan Pappe argues the media’s demonization of Hamas provides Israel cover for continuing its siege and occupation of Palestinian territories

Jeremy Scahill: “Global Stop and Frisk Program”

We are joined by investigative reporters Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux of The Intercept. Last week they published the secret U.S. document along with their new article, “The Secret Government Rulebook for Labeling You a Terrorist.”

Mohammed Suliman: I Would Rather Die in Dignity Than Agree to Living in an Open-Air Prison

We are trapped here, trapped between two deaths: death by Israeli bombs and missiles, and death by Israel’s blockade of Gaza

Many Authors: Lancet: an Open Letter for the People of Gaza

On the basis of our ethics and practice, we are denouncing what we witness in the aggression of Gaza by Israel

Jack Rasmus: American Labor At Strategic Impasse: Part 1: Dimensions of the Crisis

The trade union movement in the USA today is on the road to nowhere. The decline, in progress for more than three decades, is now accelerating

Milan Rai: ‘A Huge Sprawling Giant’

The Colonial Realities Behind The British Empire’s Entry Into The First World War

Justin Podur: Israel/Palestine Lexicon for Mainstream Media

If you are writing for mainstream media, you need to learn special uses of words and phrases that are specific to Israel/Palestine

Norman Finkelstein: Gaza: Is There Method in the Madness

Interview on the current situation in Gaza

Paul Buchheit: How Capitalism Is Cheating Young Americans

To the out-of-touch super-rich capitalists, those of you in the newest working generation thrive on social networking, good reputations, and picture-taking

Lee Fang: Leading Civil Rights Groups Just Sold Out On Net Neutrality

Perhaps the bigger picture here is how so many of the old civil rights establishment have become comfortable with trading endorsements for cash

Ewan Robertson: Maduro Designated New Party President at III PSUV National Congress

The national conference comes as the Maduro administration considers how to resolve on-going economic problems, including product shortages and 62% annual inflation

Richard Falk: Joint Declaration by International Law Experts on Israel’s Gaza Offensive

Posted here is a Joint Declaration of international law experts from around the world who are listed as endorsers

David Swanson: If We Dislike War Like We Dislike Cancer

What if a campaign to abolish war were to learn a few tricks from the campaign to abolish breast cancer?

Ilan Pappe: Israel Has Chosen to be a “Racist Apartheid State”

“I think Israel in 2014 made a decision that it prefers to be a racist apartheid state and not a democracy”

Juan Cole: Why Obama & Kerry are Furious

The United States as a great Power is facing a large number of challenges in the Muslim world, and Israel’s Gaza campaign is endangering both American diplomacy there and the very security of the US

Dave Zirin: Four Little Boys and the Price of Play in Gaza

. In a land where soccer fields are constantly under bombardment—Israel says that parks and stadiums are popular places for Hamas to launch rocket attacks—the beach is where you go to play

Cynthia Peters: Step 1: Identify the True Criminals among Us

If there was a crime being committed on Norwell Street, that was it — the systematic theft of wealth from those who have not very much to those who have an obscene share of it

Hilary Wainwright: Workers as Agents of Economic Change

What if workers began thinking of themselves not as helpless casualties of forces beyond their control but as the source of the creativity needed to find solutions

Patrick Bond: In Fortaleza, BRICS Became Co-Dependent Upon Eco-Financial Imperialism

In this context, critics are forcing open two crucial debates: first, is BRICS anti-imperialist as advertised, potentially inter-imperialist as the Ukraine battleground portends, or merely sub-imperialist where it counts most: in the ongoing global financial and climate meltdowns?

Paul Street: Gross Inequality All Too “Normal” Under Capitalism

You don’t have to be a Marxist or other kind of anti-capitalist to understand that capitalism is all about socioeconomic disparity

Norman Finkelstein: Gaza: Ceasefire or Surrender?

Interview on the current situation in Gaza.

Mark Weisbrot: How to Fix Venezuela’s Troubled Exchange Rate

Even though the country’s black market for U.S. dollars has stabilized, the government will need to bring inflation down in order to maintain a stable exchange rate.

Jack Rasmus: A Reply to Thom Hartmann’s Interview of Richard Wolff

On the Causes of Investment Decline in the US Economy

Socialist Worker Reporters: Protesters Fill London Streets In Solidarity with Palestine

Up to 100,000 people filled the streets of central London today, Saturday, in protest at Israel’s continuing assault on Gaza

Rania Khalek: Merciless Israeli Mobs are Hunting Palestinians

Right-wing lynch mobs continue to roam the streets in search of Arabs to attack

David Swanson: War in Our Collective Imagination

I want to celebrate those who resist and oppose war, not those who engage in it

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