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Louis Proyect: How Stieg Larsson Exposed the Swedish Far Right

Stieg Larsson aimed his words like a Molotov cocktail at the forces of capitalist reaction

David Swanson: Turn Left for Earth

Turning left in order to go where needed makes a nice metaphor for what our whole culture must do if it is to cease destroying the earth’s climate

Charles Cobb: We’ve forgotten the lessons of the Civil Rights movement

Many images that came out of Ferguson, Mo., looked like scenes from Birmingham, Ala., in the 1960s

Jack Rasmus: Environmental Activists Discuss Sunday, Sept. 21 Demonstration & What Next

Jack Rasmus welcomes environmental activists, Michael Rubin and Glenn Turner, to discuss tomorrow’s major environment movement event

Paul Street: “We Own the World”

“What we say goes” is a lethal fantasy, full of hazard for (United States-of-) Americans themselves

Robert Fisk: Assad’s Letter to the US

How Syria is Luring President Obama into its Web

Arun Gupta: How the People’s Climate March Became a Corporate PR Campaign

It’s not about what happens on Sunday. It’s what happens after that

Ralph Nader: Damaging Our Country from Wars of Choice

The drums of war are beating once again with the vanguard of U.S. bombers already over Iraq

Danny Postel: The War on ISIS

Views From Syrian Activists and Intellectuals

Noam Chomsky: On Scottish Independence

Scottish Independence: Statehood and Power

Tariq Ali: Why the Fight for Independence Isn’t Over

Unionists of every stripe from the Orange Lodges to Tories and Labourist allsorts will be delighted with Scottish results

Norman Finkelstein: Gaza after Operation Protective Edge

“International law is crazy”

Paul Street: Against Escalation: Seven Reflections

The intimately interrelated problems of domestic corporate and financial plutocracy, inequality, mass poverty, and ecocide are only and always deepened by war and militarism

Jenny Brown: Overwhelming Union Win for American Airlines Agents

After many close votes against unionization, American Airlines passenger service agents scored an overwhelming victory September 16, voting 86 percent to unionize

Seumas Milne: Another Western War Won’t End Terror In Iraq Or Syria. It Will Only Spread It

Bombing and more intervention can’t destroy Isis. The US is at the heart of the crisis in the Middle East

Nicola Nasser: Donors Will Fail Gaza Again

On 12 October, Cairo is due to host a conference, sponsored and chaired by Egypt and Norway, of international and Arab donors for the reconstruction of Gaza

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Decision Time in Brazil

Brazilians are now facing choices whose repercussions will be felt for decades

Alister Black: Scotland: Despite fear campaign 45% vote for independence

This is a great achievement and an even better achievement has been the building of a mass social movement

Daniel Ellsberg: ‘We’re on edge of large war in MidEast’

With Washington wading into another war in the Middle East, one iconic US whistleblower says Americans are being kept in the dark about the risks of the latest intervention

Michael Albert: The Scottish Issue

45% evidenced substantial opposition not just to UK rule, but to austerity and top down rule period

John Pilger: War, Circus and Injustice Down Under

During all the years I have been reporting and filming Indigenous Australia, one “need” has struck me as paramount. A treaty

Juan Cole: Top 5 Reasons 45% of Scots Wanted to Leave the Right Wing UK

Education, Health, and Global Warming

Rebecca Solnit: The Wheel Turns, the Boat Rocks, the Sea Rises

To make personal changes is to do too little. Only great movements, only collective action can save us now

Justin Podur: The Electoral System’s Victims

Modi came to power by gaming an electoral system, not through democracy

Alex Doherty: Dangerously Incoherent – The Doctrine of R2P

If R2P advocates are serious about their desire to see a serious reduction in human suffering in Iraq and elsewhere they might do better to put themselves at the service of popular movements seeking to restrain the violence

Ramzy Baroud: Convenient Genocide

Another Failed War to Re-Arrange the Middle East

Richard Falk: ISIS, Militarism, and the Violent Imagination

Militarist geopolitics seems destined to lead to yet another Western catastrophe in the tormented Middle East

Meizhu Lui: Reparations: What’s the Idea of an African-American Nation Got to Do with It?

“Racial repair” can happen when African Americans have the freedom and the means, as did whites, to build their own house

Danny Schechter: Body Counts Rise As Chaos Deepens: Is There A Way Out?

It’s almost as if the US strategists have beheaded themselves when it comes to fashioning a sensible strategy that could work instead of the current one that is guaranteed not to

Avraham Burg: The dissenters are Israel’s citizen heroes

The debate over disobedience and its boundaries, and about democracy and its limits, is reduced, among us, to the military sphere exclusively. That is a mistake.

Cat Boyd: If you think Yes voters were backing nationalism, then you weren’t paying attention

Scottish independence campaigner Cat Boyd reflects on a movement that had the whole Westminster elite against it – yet still managed to run them close

Pete Dolack: Clean Water as an Impediment to Corporate Profits

An Australian mining company insists its “right” to a guaranteed profit is superior to the right of El Salvador to clean drinking water

William Finnegan: Demonizing the Minimum Wage

With the midterm elections approaching, the United States Congress finds itself in an exaggerated version of its customary posturing gridlock

Carol Hanisch: Miss America is Back and Women’s Liberation Has Gone Missing

We know from history that reality isn’t always pretty and gains won can indeed be lost, as those who protested on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in 1968 have seen happen in our lifetime

Nauman Sadiq: Syrian Jihad Spawned the Islamic State

Aside from Israel’s regional security another factor that always plays in the Western strategists’ mind is their “vital interests” in the Middle Eastern region which is a euphemism for oil

Peter Watt: Upsurge in Voter Participation and Scare-Campaigns As Scots Head To The Polls

Peter Watt discusses the issues and history surrounding Scottish Independence

Noam Chomsky: Why Americans Know So Much About Sports

The following is a short excerpt from a classic, The Chomsky Reader, which offers a unique insight on a question worth asking

Chris Hedges: Sacrificing the Vulnerable, From Gaza to America

Chris Hedges gave this speech Saturday at the Sauk County Fairgrounds in Baraboo, Wis.

Immanuel Wallerstein: The United States Heading for a Crash in the Middle East

President Barack Obama has told the United States, and in particular its Congress, that it must do something very major in the Middle East to stop disaster

Fernando Vegas: What is Socialism Nowadays? (II)

The best lesson taken from the French Revolution is to enhance Democracy and the more direct the better; Socialism is only possible moving side by side with Democracy

Preeti Kaur: Accountability: Light and Shadows

For too much time two consecutive U.S. governments have been able to conceal much of what happened “in the shadows of the intelligence world”

Vijay Prashad: Obama’s Syrian Dilemma

No easy political agreement can come in Syria

Rachel Smolker: After the People’s Climate March, Then What? Flood Wall Street

Here’s to a fierce, invigorating and boldly targeted step for the climate justice movement

Tadzio Mueller: In Germany, the Answer to Global Warming Is Blowing in the Wind

At the most abstract, technical level, the Energiewende is the movement-driven and concurrently government-supported transition of the German electricity system

Nadia Prupis: FBI Launches Facial Recognition Program

Bureau calls system “fully operational” despite one-fifth false positive rate

Joyce Hormon: Quest for Justice

During the military coup that overthrew Salvador Allende in Chile, US journalist Charles Hormon was captured, tortured, and killed. Imaginary Lines speaks with his widow, Joyce Hormon on her quest for justice

Phyllis Bennis: Is There a Diplomatic Solution to ISIS Crisis?

Could Turn to Aid, Arms Embargo & Engaging Foes

George Monbiot: How the media shafted the people of Scotland

Perhaps the most arresting fact about the Scottish referendum is this: that there is no newspaper – local, regional or national, English or Scottish – that supports independence except the Sunday Herald

Naomi Klein: The Great Clash Between Capitalism and the Climate

Klein discusses her new book, “This Changes Everything”

Gordon Asher: A Proposal: Voting ‘Yes, BUT’

How do we not get the neoliberal Scotland envisaged in the SNP’s White paper?
And, more long term, how do we overcome a capitalist Scotland at the hands of any of the political parties?

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