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Marjorie Cohn: The Content of Trump’s Character

Though some anti-war Americans see hope that Donald Trump would pull back from foreign wars, they also must face his undeniable record of racial and sexist bigotry

Juan Cole: Is the French Press Right to stop Printing Pictures, Names of Terrorists?

We are privileging certain kinds of violence and magnifying it through the press and social media

Serge Halimi: Provoking Russia

One reason could be that it enables the US to prevent any rapprochement between them, and ensures, after Brexit, that its most biddable ally, the UK, remains closely bound to Europe’s military destiny

Mark Weisbrot: Attacking Trump for the few sensible things he says is bad strategy

Do liberals really want to trash Trump for taking positions that are less aggressively militaristic than the nation’s most warmongering neoconservatives?

Emmett Rensin: Give Bernie’s Distraught Supporters a Break

The media is treating them like weirdos, but they’re responding to Sanders’s loss like ordinary human beings

Adam Talbot: ‘C is for Corruption’: The Rio Olympics from A to Z

From police killings to forced evictions and environmental destruction; the Olympic Games in Rio are cause for an alphabet soup of misery and suffering

James J. Zogby: Israel/Palestine: Bad Policy, Bad Politics

A plurality of all voters, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, feel that Israel currently receives too much US aid

Kirsten Han: Fixing Hong Kong begins with fixing homes

Doing this week after week requires not just commitment, but also a firm belief that things are changing, even if the result is not immediately visible

Kyla Sankey: What Happened to the Pink Tide?

Latin America’s “pink tide” governments challenge neoliberalism and US hegemony, but leave the basic structures of capitalism intact

Deepak Tripathi: Britain in the Doldrums After the Brexit Vote

The United Kingdom has not seen such deep polarisation in living memory

TeleSUR English: Clinton Emails Reveal Direct US Sabotage of Venezuela

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton led a team committed to delegitimizing the politics of the late Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution

Noam Chomsky: What Can Be Done?


David Morris: The Next President Will Likely Appoint 4 Supreme Court Justices: Which President Do You Want Picking Them?

This election is all about the Supreme Court that will shape our lives for the next 30 years

Noam Chomsky: In Conversation

Noam Chomsky in conversation with Jonathan Freedland

Ramzy Baroud: Farewell to Yarmouk: A Palestinian Refugee’s Journey from Izmir to Greece

Wanting opportunities and a chance at a real life, they knew this was just a temporary stopover in their long-term plans

Linda Burnham: Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, Dallas

A thick strand in the history of U.S. policing is rooted back in the slave patrols of the 19th century

Roberto Savio: How Did We Arrive at This Chaos?

The real problem is that since the failed Cancun Summit in 1981, countries have lost the ability to think together

Chris Hedges: Who Should Bernie Voters Support Now?

The day after Senator Bernie Sanders spoke at the Democratic National Convention and urged his supporters to work to ensure his former rival wins the presidential race, we host a debate between Clinton supporter Robert Reich, who served as labor secretary under President Clinton, and Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who backs Sanders. AMY Read more…

Ben Jealous: Should Progressives Reject Hillary Clinton & Vote Green?

A debate between Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein and Ben Jealous, former NAACP president and CEO and a Bernie Sanders surrogate

Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders’ speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

The complete transcript of the prepared remarks from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ speech to the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Martha Rosenberg: You Won’t Believe the Outrageous Ways Big Pharma Has Bribed Doctors to Shill Drugs

Doctors seldom have to go hungry at lunchtime when Pharma reps are around

Samar Al-Bulushi: The Roots of Ebola

A long history of multinational corporate exploitation and political corruption crippled West Africa’s response to the Ebola epidemic

Ronald Brownstein: The Class Inversion of American Politics Accelerates

Donald Trump’s Republicans are becoming the party of blue-collar white voters, as college-educated white voters slip away

Chris Brooks: Busting the Myths of a Workerless Future

We have millions more workers than we used to—the problem being that they are worse off than they used to be, not that they don’t exist

Dave Zirin: Budget Failures, Displacement, Zika—Welcome to Rio’s $11.9B Summer Olympics

The multibillion-dollar Olympic mirage that has been erected “for the English to see” is at risk of complete collapse

Russell Mokhiber: The Rabble Rise Together Against Bernie, Barney, Elizabeth and Hillary

“If the Democratic Party wants Hillary to win in November, they’re going to have to work a whole lot harder to get us to vote for her”

Tamara Draut: The New Working Class: Trump Can Talk to Disaffected White Men, but They Don’t Make up the ‘Working Class’ Anymore

Democrats need to get comfortable with using the term “working class” or risk losing those voters to Trump

Bill Fletcher: Living the Life of an Organizer

The biographies of icons frequently fall into one of two categories. On the one hand they may be laudatory, in some cases turning the subject into a saint. At the opposite end, they can tend towards tell-all pieces, in some cases aiming to tear down the subject. What makes America’s Social Arsonist: Fred Ross and Read more…

Juan Cole: The most Left Wing Supreme Court in a Generation? Sec. Clinton’s most important Progressive Prospect

Progressives who had backed Bernie Sanders are understandably upset about the prospect of a Clinton presidency. Some put their hopes in the Democratic Party platform, where Bernie supporters won on issues like a $15 minimum wage. But party platforms don’t mean much in the end. It is likely that if she wins the presidency, the Read more…

William D. Hartung: There’s No Business Like the Arms Business

Weapons “R” Us (But You’d Never Know It)

Patrick Cockburn: Erdogan will be stronger after the failed coup, but Turkey could be the loser

Erdogan could use the coup to unite Turks or, alternatively, exploit it in a way that will further divide them. It is difficult to feel optimistic

Arun Gupta: Donald Trump is Offering US Trickle-Down Revenge

In lashing out at his personal enemies with white-hot hate and bigotry, he enables his followers to act out their revenge fantasies

Peter Beinart: A Party at War With Itself

Hillary Clinton is running as the candidate of continuity—but Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and most white Democrats think America is headed in the wrong direction

Casey Quinlan: How Racial Bias Affects The Quality Of Black Students’ Education

Every single state spends less all on pre-k-12 education than they do on corrections

Steven Rosenfeld: Sanders Delegates Are Not Going Away Quietly at the DNC

Organizers with the Sanders campaign let it be known that they were trying to gather enough delegates to bring their issues to the convention floor

Angie Beeman: Why Doesn’t Middle America Trust Hillary? She Thinks She’s Better Than Us and We Know It

Born and raised in Illinois, a resident of Arkansas, you would think Hillary Clinton would be more in touch with Middle America than New York City elite, Donald Trump or Brooklyn born, Vermont hippy Bernie Sanders. We’ve heard that we can’t trust Hillary Clinton because she’s too ambitious. She’ll do anything to win, no matter Read more…

Alfie Bown: Google’s lemmings: Pokémon go where Silicon Valley says

An analysis of Ingress and Pokémon Go reveals important truths about corporate control and the ability of our mobile phones to organize our desires

Michael Moore: Trump Can Win

Trump may well win – here is why – and next comes what I think we can do about it.

Michael Albert: Answering David Swanson

Answering Swanson’s case against “lesser evil” voting.

David Swanson: Explaining the Problem with Lesser Evilism

The chance of electing a good candidate within the Democratic Party is very low

Marjorie Cohn: Killing With Robots

There is a slippery slope from police use of armed robots to domestic use of armed drones.

Tom Engelhardt: The World After Me

Before those tides wash us away, there’s always the urge to ensure that you’ll leave something behind. I fear that I’m already catching glimpses of what that might be…

Toshio Meronek: How a queer liberation collective has stayed radical for almost 40 years

On May 22, some 80 people filed into a press event for the largest gay culture event in the world, the Frameline Film Festival, held every June in San Francisco. And like every year since 2007, there were queer protesters to meet them. The group Lesbians and Gays Against Intervention, or LAGAI, and its offshoot Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Turkey’s President Erdogan uses emergency powers to close more than 2,000 Gulen-connected institutions

It is becoming clear that – leaving aside government paranoia – a large number of units from the Turkish armed forces took part in the coup on 15/16 July and that it nearly succeeded

Naomi Klein: We Still Need a Future to Believe In

A forum on how to build the political revolution with Naomi Klein, Alicia Garza, Michael Moore, Frances Fox Piven, Robert Reich, Kshama Sawant, Josh Fox, and more.

Richard Falk: How the United States Government Obstructs Peace for Israel/Palestine

Obstacle to Peace is the book we have long needed, utterly indispensable for a correct understanding of why the conflict has not been resolved up to this point

Benjamin Selwyn: Rethinking Recovery: Poverty Chains and Global Capitalism

Reorienting value generated within ‘global poverty chains’ is essential to improve the lives of an impoverished world labor force

Robert Fisk: We love to talk of terror – but after the Munich shooting, this hypocritical catch-all term has finally caught us out

It all comes down to the same thing in the end. If Muslims attack us, they are terrorists. If non-Muslims attack us, they are shooters. If Muslims attack other Muslims, they are attackers

Sue Sturgis: Striking a Blow Against Debtors’ Prisons

Amount that Jennings, Missouri, has agreed to pay out to people jailed because they were unable to pay court fines and fees they owed: $4.75 million Number of people who will receive payments under the settlement: almost 2,000 Days they collectively spent in jail over the last five years: about 8,300 Month in which Equal Read more…

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