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David Swanson: And the Slow Parade of Fears

We are held back primarily by our accepting and repeating of the propaganda that we have no power

Vincent Emanuele: Fight for $15: Moving Beyond Self-Interest

We must continue to support our brothers and sisters as they fight for $15, but we should also remain critical when discussing how these campaigns fit into a broader vision for the future

Laura Gottesdiener: A Foreclosure Conveyor Belt

The Continuing Depopulation of Detroit

Michael Albert: Enough Already

Would the legendary villain Scrooge do these things?

Patrick Bond: Mandela Led Fight Against Apartheid, But Not Against Extreme Inequality

Our wealth redistribution was the second worst of major countries after Brazil, and now is much, much, much worse, is the worst major country in the world

Tariq Ali: The New World Disorder

The exposure of the Western world’s surveillance networks has heightened the feeling that democratic institutions aren’t functioning as they should

Alan West-Durán: Eduardo Galeano (1940–2015)

Eduardo Galeano was a man of letters who lived a life of resistance

Noam Chomsky: Yemen is the most extraordinary global terrorism campaign in history

Could US hegemony be coming to an end?

Cora Currier: Secret Details of Drone Strike Revealed As Unprecedented Case Goes to German Court

It is the first time a victim of a U.S. drone strike will air his grievances in court

Paul Street: Boston, Blowback, and Barack Obama

US policymakers undertake provocative and mass-murderous military adventures abroad with full knowledge that their actions are certain to generate “blowback”

Suren Moodliar: On Comparing Slavery & Carbon Dependence, Part One

The great historical struggles from which we draw inspiration have no end dates, instead, they open the door to and inspire new struggles

Sebastian Budgen: The Other Greek Left

On a Greek left dominated by Syriza and the Communist Party, Antarsya is often overlooked

Steve Early: Lessons of The Tenderloin

How One San Francisco Neighborhood Kept The Forces of Gentrification At Bay

Noam Chomsky: ‘Any reader of Orwell would be perfectly familiar’ with US maneuvers

The so-called American Dream and US democracy are in “very serious decline,” as social mobility is among the worst among the richest nations

Richard Falk: Weakening and Discrediting the UN: The Mission of Israeli QGOs

The UN has increasingly allowed itself to be used by geopolitical actors to shield Israel from criticism and to deflect such stronger initiatives as sanctions designed to produce a just and sustainable peace for the two peoples

Glenn Greenwald: NBC’s Conduct in Engel Kidnapping Story is More Troubling than the Brian Williams Scandal

It is the type of systematic journalistic deceit and propaganda that we have seen over and over, almost always on the side and in service of the U.S. government’s agenda of endless war

Eric Lerner: Greek Workers’ Only Real Hope is Fearless Action

For Greece to succeed in freeing itself from the troika and the banks, it will need the active support of workers organizations across Europe

Yanis Varoufakis: On the Eurozone Crisis

In conversation with Joseph Stiglitz on the Eurozone Crisis – at the INET – OECD conference, 9 April 2015

Dan Gillmor: Why journalists should (at least sometimes) be activists

So I ask this of my journalism friends: Take stands, loudly and proudly. Be activists. Unless you prefer a world of choke points and control by others, this is part of your job

Justin Miller: Faculty Join Fast Food in the Fight for $15

On campuses across the country, adjunct professors are starting to organize against rock-bottom pay and tenuous job security

Noam Chomsky: “US is world’s biggest terrorist”

In the recent hemispheric meetings, the United States has been completely isolated. It’s a radical change from 10 or 20 years ago

Jérôme Roos: The IMF in Argentina: A Bondholder’s Best Friend?

It was actually Argentina’s private and official creditors who made the world’s largest ever national bankruptcy basically inevitable

Shamus Cooke: How a $15 Minimum Helps All Workers

By winning $15 for everyone, unions will be less vulnerable to the rhetoric of the “overpaid” union worker, since lower wage workers will see a boost in their pay due to the work of a union-led campaign

Don Fitz: Resource Extraction in Latin America Poses Serious Environmental, Economic and Health Questions

Policies that expand extractivism in progressive Latin American countries bring up a host of contradictions

Talia Rothstein: Harvard Students Expand Blockade Calling for School to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Students at Harvard University have expanded their blockade of key administration offices while calling on the school to divest from fossil fuels

Michael Lesher: Why was Palestinian suffering forgotten on Holocaust Remembrance Day?

What, exactly, was remembered during Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day?

Matt Taibbi: Hillary Clinton’s Fake Populism Is a Hit

Hillary’s first official week as a presidential candidate went exactly as her handlers must have hoped

Ted Glick: Norman Bay, Tough Guy

Yesterday was the day one of Norman Bay’s tenure as Chair of FERC

Stephen F. Cohen: New York Times “basically rewrites whatever the Kiev authorities say”

On the U.S./Russia/Ukraine history the media won’t tell you

Sonia Singh: Fight for 15 Inspires Bold Demands

From school support staff to UPS part-timers, Fight for 15 is raising the confidence of unions to put bold demands on the bargaining table

Yesenia Barragan: Slave Patrols and the Murder of Walter Scott

What Officer Slager felt threatened by — that act of running away — is the historic consequence of centuries of white supremacy

Jérôme Roos: Neoliberal nihilism and the politics of mass murder-suicide

Against the death drive of neoliberal nihilism we must reaffirm a politics of life

Milan Rai: Collins vs Russell: the scope and limits of mass civil disobedience

A look back at Britain in the early 1960s, when thousands of young people risked arrest in a determined effort to force British nuclear disarmament

Michael T. Klare: The Renewable Revolution

Four Reasons Why the Transition From Fossil Fuels to a Green Energy Era Is Gaining Traction

Joe Emersberger: Imagine Obama Defending US Citizens. Not easy, but try

In 2009, a peer-reviewed Harvard study concluded that deficiencies in the USA’s health care system kill 45,000 US citizens

Peter Marcuse: “Slums:” Nature, Causes, Research, Policy Implications.

The existence of minimal housing, inadequate but minimally livable, i.e. slums, serves the interest of employers

Gary Olson: Will Teach for Food

To succeed, adjuncts need support from regular faculty, the general public and of course, students

Glenn Greenwald: Religious Fanaticism is a Huge Factor in Americans’ Support for Israel

The primary reason evangelical Christians in the U.S. are so devoted to Israel is simple: their radical religious dogma teaches them that God demands this

Medea Benjamin: No Room for Business as Usual at the Summit of the Americas

In Central America, the US administration is trying to win alliances by pledging $1 billion to boost security and economic development

Pavlina R. Tcherneva: When a Rising Tide Sinks Most Boats

The way the US economy grows and recovers overwhelmingly benefits the rich and powerful

Russ Wellen: Will Israel “Bounce the Rubble” in Gaza?

There’s a ghoulish quality to bombing a region that you have already bombed to oblivion

Paul Street: On the Organization of Society

State-socialist Cuba, for all its own flaws and problems (many of which trace to US aggression and embargo), has escaped the savage and extreme disparities that are evident in the US

Chris Spannos: Haitian Fight Song for Danny Schechter, Our Mingus of Media Analysis

Through his work, Danny did stir souls to rise. He certainly stirred mine. I hope that today’s media makers will seek to do the same. You will be missed Danny

Carl Finamore: Getting Better Organized

The Fight for $15 & A Union

Arun Gupta: Low-wage workers struggles are about much more than wages

If history and current events are any guide, the missing ingredient is the organized left

Noam Chomsky: The Crimes of Others

Interview on Russia, the US media, and the stories told to justify American militarism

Preeti Kaur: Latin America: From U.S. Corporate Hegemony to Regional Autonomy

Countries such as Venezuela and Ecuador prove that alternatives to relying on business to address social, economic and climate disasters exist

Richard Falk: The Geopolitical Right of Exception at the United Nations

At present, it seems hopelessly out of touch to expect any moves by the American and other powerful governments to forego the benefits of the geopolitical right of veto

Matt Peterson: ‘We love being Lakota’: native autonomy in Pine Ridge

We Love Being Lakota is the first in a series of videos and texts from the documentary project ‘The Native and the Refugee’

Medea Benjamin: Cuba’s Coming Out Party at the Summit of the Americas

Is the US government really accepting Cuba as a sovereign nation that has chosen a different path? Or is it simply trying to overthrow the Cuban government by different means?

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