Category: Middle East

Andrew Scott Cooper: Why Would the Saudis Deliberately Crash the Oil Market?

Simple: to undermine Tehran

David Swanson: No More Khirbet Khizehs

At some point “truth and reconciliation” is lies and reconciliation — the lies of pretending that the truth needed to be unearthed, that the crimes weren’t committed in the broad daylight of television spotlights

Janet Biehl: Impressions of Rojava

In early December an international delegation visited Rojava’s Cezire canton where they learned about the ongoing revolution, cooperation and tolerance

Richard Falk: The Dead End of Post-Oslo Diplomacy: What Next?

The Palestinian future depends on a robust mobilization of global civil society in solidarity with the Palestinian national movement

Vijay Prashad: Shami Witness is a thoroughly online creation

Shami Witness was a product of the internet more than of IS – a consumer of information who sought forms of community online that he did not enjoy in life.

Nicola Nasser: Israeli role in Syrian conflict brought into the open

Israel is a key player in prolonging the depleting war on Syria

Richard Hardigan: An Activist’s Last Day in Hebron

Anti-Arab slogans were not new to me

Johannes Hautaviita: Israel’s Impunity Enables War Crimes to Continue

The systematic and deliberate nature of Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinians are both carefully documented and, by now, starting to enter the mainstream

Bruno Jäntti: The Peace Process Industry

Rejecting International Law and Palestinian Rights

Immanuel Wallerstein: Loose Cannon

U.S. standing in the Middle East

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