Category: Middle East

Florian Zollmann: Yemen in the Crosshairs

Saudi-Arabia’s onslaught on Yemen could not proceed without US and UK support

Marwan Bishara: Welcome to the New Middle East

How Palestinisation, Afghanisation, and Balkanisation are reshaping the Arab world

Steven Salaita: Does Free Speech Have a Palestine Exception?

Palestinian rights activists in the United States are being harassed, disciplined, fired, sued, censored or threatened for their advocacy around Palestine

Yoav Litvin: Israeli Occupation for Dummies

The losers are undoubtedly the Palestinians. The winners are all those in Israel and elsewhere that favor racist expansionist policies that promote a segregated, undemocratic society

Ramzy Baroud: Listen to Syrians: The Media Jackals and the People’s Narrative

But how could a story that is so thoroughly covered and discussed round the clock in so exhaustive a fashion be so far removed from the reality at hand?

Vincent Emanuele: Reflections on Violence and Security: Chicago and Iraq

Until alternative examples can be shown, people will continue to rely upon the existing policing and security structures and institutions

Juan Cole: What is Russia’s Strategy in Syria & Why does Egypt Approve?

Russian MiGs for the first time on Wednesday gave close air support to the Syrian Arab Army as it attacked rebels north of Homs. The Russians also continued their airstrikes against rebel-held Idlib Province. And, the Russians for the first time launched cruise missiles from warships in the Caspian Sea on rebel targets. Over the Read more…

Pepe Escobar: The NATO-Russia face off in Syria

Russia’s spectacular entry into the war theatre threw elaborate plans into disarray

Amira Hass: Palestinians are fighting for their lives; Israel is fighting for the occupation

That we notice there’s a war on only when Jews are murdered does not cancel out the fact that Palestinians are being killed all the time.

Patrick Cockburn: Syria crisis: Let’s welcome Russia’s entry into this war

The Russians and Iranians should be integrated as far as possible into any talks about the future of Syria

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