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Roberto Savio: How Much is Left of Syrian in the Syrian War?

the U.S. Congress which equates being Syrian with being a terrorist, while the Syrian people are actually the victims of everyone

Annie Robbins: Protesters stage citizen’s arrest of Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely

Palestinian activists expressed outrage about the invitation to Hotovely and about the conference more broadly.

Yanis Varoufakis: Only solution is to starve IS of cash

Interview on the economics of war, terror and refugees

Ken Jones: Palestine Resists the Occupation

What we are seeing now on the West Bank is not so much a unique intifada as yet another courageous expression of resistance to the occupation

Dilar Dirik: Criminalizing Our People: Social Impacts of the PKK Ban

The terror-listing of the PKK by Western states criminalizes ordinary Kurds. However, its hypocrisy also created a conscious, mobilized, activist community

Patrick Howlett-Martin: The Paris Attacks: A Chronicle Foretold. The worst may still yet to come

Looking at France’s Bush-inspired response to the horrific attacks in Paris, one must be forgiven for wondering what such a response seeks to and can accomplish

Vijay Prashad: The Doctrine of 9/11 Anti-Immigration

Congressman Michael McCaul of Texas sponsored a bill (HR4038) to block Iraqi and Syrian refugees from entering into the United States. The bill is known as the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act, which passed overwhelmingly in the House of Representatives. “We are a nation at war,” said Congressman McCaul. Given the name of the Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: War with Isis: To defeat the jihadists the West needs a local ally

The main purpose of these killings and tales of derring-do is to add substance to the pretence that something effective is being done

Tony Iltis: Rojava’s Democratic, Feminist Revolution a Source of Hope among Horror

In the Rojava region of Syria, despite the difficulties, people are organizing communes and women’s councils

Marjorie Cohn: Governors Have No Right to Exclude Syrian Refugees

As the world reels from the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris last week, more than half of US governors began lining up to scapegoat Syrian refugees

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