Category: Middle East

Melvin A. Goodman: Gaza and the Warsaw Ghetto

There are two compelling factors that stand out in any examination of the crisis in Gaza: the persistent intransigence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Israeli unwillingness to pursue a diplomatic and political solution to the Palestinian tragedy

Ilan Pappe: Making Sense of Gaza: An Interview With Ilan Pappe

Interview on the recent violence, Operation Protective Edge and the prospects of peace in the future

Shamus Cooke: How Obama is a Direct Accomplice to Israeli War Crimes

This ongoing bloody dynamic continues in large part because the U.S. government allows it

Glenn Greenwald: Grotesque but Not Original

One can say many things about a military operation that results in more than 75 percent of the dead being civilians, many of them children, aimed at a population trapped in a tiny area with no escape. The claim that there is no intent to kill civilians but rather an intent to protect them is most assuredly not among them

Danny Schechter: Suicidal Bombers Over Gaza In A World Coming Apart

While Washington is busy lecturing Russia on a loss of human life in that plane crash, they are enabling the deadly Israeli bombardment

Patrick Youngblood: On Israel and Palestine

Many people assume the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is particularly difficult to understand, perhaps even convoluted beyond a solution

Dave Zirin: On Dwight Howard and #FreePalestine

If anything, Howard performed a public service by demonstrating how Palestinian people are imprisoned not only by walls, barbed wire and checkpoints but also by Western hypocrisy

David McReynolds: The Deep Emergency of the Gaza Crisis

We saw such a movement in the Vietnam War. We need it again. And we need it urgently. Israel has not only done terrible damage to Gaza, it has wounded itself far more deeply than it realizes

Donna Nevel: The Heart of the Problem With Israel

The mass expulsion of the Palestinian people

Max Blumenthal: Fired MSNBC Contributor Speaks Out

As Gaza body toll mounts, NBC executives crack down on criticism of Israel with increasingly draconian measures

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