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Cassandra Dixon: Homes demolished in the South Hebron Hills

After a breakdown in mediation between the State of Israel and the Palestinian villages of Massafer Yatta, Israeli authorities destroyed 24 homes in the South Hebron Hills

Uri Avnery: Haneen Zuabi- A Lady With A Smile

It iis not easy to be an Arab in Israel. It is not easy to be a woman in Arab society. It is not easy to be an Arab in Israeli politics. And even less easy to be an Arab woman in the Knesset

Rania Khalek: Bernie Sanders and the question of Palestine

As Sanders, who is nominally an independent, surges in the Democratic primary campaign against establishment favorite Hillary Clinton, the issue of Palestine has been virtually absent from the debate

Vijay Prashad: A country in free fall

A report reveals how the civil war in Syria has exacted an unimaginable toll, ravaging not only the economy but consigning an entire generation to the edge of civilisation

Neve Gordon: Israeli Labor Party adopts the apartheid mantra

International pressure is perhaps the only hope and is desperately needed

Vijay Prashad: The tragedy of Yemen is not a marginal one

In a month, the Saudi-led bombing of Yemen will be a year old

Juan Cole: Israel: Friedman of the NY Times surrenders to One-State Solution, sees ME Apocalypse

Israeli colonization of the West Bank is increasingly an element of the Israeli economy, creating internal lobbies for the policy

Robert Fisk: A plan must be made for ‘life after Isis’ in the Middle East

History teaches us that for 100 years now, the people of this magnificent, dangerous region have sought justice and received only injustice

Vijay Prashad: The Arab Spring Must Go Through Riyadh

“Thought only sees in reality what a specific formation shows it.” Mahdi ‘Amil, 1936-1987. Popular rebellions reflect the urges of a people, but they are themselves not always capable of victory. If the structure of a social order in a particular formation is weakened by war or by economic turmoil, then the popular rebellions might Read more…

Richard Falk: Israel’s Security Establishment Makes Public Plea for a Two State Solution

The idea of safeguarding Israel’s democratic character seems to presuppose that Israel remains a democracy

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