Category: Middle East

Vijay Prashad: Overcoming a resilient Islamic State

The long-term antidote to the Islamic State is not Arab jails and American jets, but the creation of an honest and wide-ranging political dialogue in the region, one which includes Saudi Arabia and Iran

William Boardman: Saudis Try Yemen Peace Initiative

Seldom has such a clear case of criminal war, of naked aggression, drawn such yawns from the world at large

Bruno Jäntti: Is Breaking the Silence Superior to Palestinian Human Rights Organizations?

The recent report, Breaking the Silence, received extensive coverage but Palestinian sources rarely attract media attention

Norman Finkelstein: Israel’s Iron Dome and Palestinian Armed Resistance

Analyzing Hamas rocket attacks and Israel’s claims of self defense

Joris Leverink: Water Politics in the Land of Two Rivers

Source of life, cause for conflict

Taylan Tosun: Turkey: Attacks on Pro-Kurdish Party Offices Prior to Elections

Violent attacks against HDP could continue until election day

Juan Cole: Daesh/ ISIL blows up Shiite Mosque in Saudi Arabia

Seeking Sectarian Civil War

Charles Glass: Who’s Supporting Assad?

Interview on America’s uncertain foreign policy in the region and the underlying forces propping up Assad’s government

Ramzy Baroud: Nakba and the question of ‘Palestinian strategy’

Palestinians in exile subsist in a nomadic political landscape, as they only belong to a place that has been stolen at gunpoint, yet are forced to exist in places that they cannot see as home for a whole set of reasons

Juan Cole: Who does Jerusalem belong To?

In 1967 the Israeli army took East Jerusalem, and ever since has squeezed the Palestinian population, driven them into poverty, usurped their property, and surrounded them by squatter settlements

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