Category: Vision/Strategy

Denis Godard: Up All Night

France’s Nuit Debout movement is mobilizing anger at austerity outside of traditional channels

Michèle Brand: What is the “Nuit Debout”?

Like the Occupy Wall Street encampments, Nuit Debout’s central gathering point acts as an incubator for protests

Chris Hedges: The Socialist Alternative

The disintegration of the ruling political parties, along with the discrediting of the established political and economic elites, presage radical change

Rosa Luxemburg: What Are the Origins of May Day?

Rosa Luxemburg on the roots of May Day

Michael Yates: Let’s Get Serious About Inequality and Socialism

The word “socialism” no longer has a deeply negative connotation

James Anderson: The Evolution of Union Co-ops and the Historical Development of Workplace Democracy

The challenges unionized co-ops historically faced, however, continue to affect the evolution of real-life alternatives to traditional capitalist business

Various Contributors: The Leap Manifesto: A Call for a Canada Based on Caring for the Earth and One Another

We start from the premise that Canada is facing the deepest crisis in recent memory

Marina Sitrin: From Paris with Love and Lessons

Paris is alive with democracy

Gilbert Mercier: Nuit Debout: Dawn of a Revolution?

Nuit Debout envisions an era of social justice and ecological responsibility

Michael Albert: We Need New Priorities

What is now needed are articles and talks and whatever else that seek to arrive at shared program, vision, organizational wisdom and commitments, and tactical insights

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