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Michael Albert: Chapter 3 of Occupy Vision: Parpolity

Chapter Three Self Management Implies Parpolity This is the chapter three of Occupy Vision, which is the second volume of the three volume set titled Fanfare for the Future. In coming days we will post the book's eight chapters. You can find out more about Occupy Theory, Occupy Vision, and Occupy Strategy, as well as how to purchase Read more…

Michael Albert: Self Management Implies Parpolity

Chapter Nine Self Management Implies Parpolity This is a draft of a potential chapter for a new book, Fanfare for the Future. Please do not circulate. It is blogged here for examination by people in the HelpAlbert ZGroup, lending a hand with this book. Current times make an argument that contemporary political structures are decrepit Read more…

: JCDA as a Framework for Visionary Thinking

 JCDA as a Framework for Visionary Thinking The JCDA framework as a point of departure for developing a polity model to accommodate and be accommodated by Parecon Michael Albert, in his book Parecon: Life After Capitalism (2004), asks, “can a parecon accommodate and be accommodated by other institutions?” (Albert 2004, 286). Concluding this chapter of Read more…

Stephen R. Shalom: The Politics of a Good Society

Stephen R. Shalom is a professor of political science at William Paterson University in New Jersey. His books include Which Side Are You On?: An Introduction to Politics and Imperial Alibis: Rationalizing U.S. Intervention After the Cold War. He spoke to NLP’s Alex Doherty about the political vision he has developed, known as Participatory Politics, Read more…

Brian Dominick: Anarcho-Government

[Contribution to the Reimagining Society Project hosted by ZCommunications]   Over the years, I have intimated to many of my anarchist friends that even though I consider myself an anarchist, I don’t have a high degree of confidence in the possibility of any society ever achieving a reliable order without some form of "government." At Read more…

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Matt Halling: Reimagining A Global Law

          [Contribution to the   Reimagining Society Project hosted by ZCommunications]   International law in a new society wouldn’t exist.  Allow me to explain.  Let’s say the goal of reimagining society is to create something that is more participatory: self managed in line with the values of parecon and parpolity.  The hyperlinked Read more…

Michael M'Gehee: Re: Parpolity and Indirect Elections

Stephen, I have always enjoyed your work on parpolity and I would like to get your feedback on this. Whereas your post seems to be more focused on the legislative aspect of government, I have an idea/question for the judicial branch. When I discuss with someone our legal system – be it a judge (I know Read more…

Stephen R. Shalom: Parpolity and Indirect Elections

    [Contribution to the Reimagining Society Project hosted by ZCommunications]   What sorts of decision-making institutions and practices would be appropriate for a good society?   In several essays,[1] I have argued that that the main traditional answers to this question are seriously deficient in one respect or another, and that we need an Read more…

Michael M'Gehee: Direct Democracy vs Participatory Polity; A False Dichotomy

I encountered someone who erroneously thinks there is a dilemma between Direct Democracy and Participatory Polity (parpolity). I found this person to reflexively get defensive to any critique, not matter how constructive or diplomatically presented, and predictably and somewhat intentionally unfamiliar with Parpolity (I constantly asked the person to take the time to consider the Read more…

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