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Noam Chomsky: All Decent Things

the Left is the movement that is in favor of all decent things—freedom, justice, peace. Of course we have to define it for ourselves, but traditionally it’s the movement that’s been in favor of more freedom, more justice, more equality, more participation, more control over our own lives—all decent things. That’s the Left.

Sam Cossar-Gilbert: #NuitDebout

Over the last months France has been rocked by mass protests, occupations, and strikes

Esther Kersley: Drones, Drugs, & Death

The war on terror’s methods of mass surveillance and remote warfare are not unique. The U.S. is also addicted to covert tools in its “war on drugs,” with disastrous consequences. In April 2015, USA Today broke a story with the headline: “U.S. secretly tracked billions of calls for decades.” At first glance, it appeared to Read more…

Paul Street: Obama in Cuba

It’s not very often that you hear or see a salaried corporate media operative defend Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s Cuban Revolution and its accomplishments. That’s why I did a double take when I read an opinion piece titled “Cuba’s Success Lost in Media Frenzy”

Juan Cole: With Us Or Against Us?

Thirteen years after the illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq, it is worth considering its full impact on this country and on the region. Bush-Cheneyism had a number of key pillars

Alfredo Lopez: Where the Bern is Fizzling

If you’re flying the flag of “different and progressive politics”, you have to organize a campaign that emanates, not from a candidate winning people over, but from people, communities and movements educating the candidate

Badri Raina: The Trumpet Snarls

An unlovely trumpet sounds The knell of decency Across the chosen land

Ben Dangl: How Bernie Sanders and Occupy Wall Street Cracked Open America’s Political Imagination

Thanks to Sanders’ efforts, terms like socialism, capitalism, the 1%, and oligarchy have been further popularized and widely understood

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Brazilian Senate to Vote on President Rousseff’s Impeachment

A look at why Rousseff’s impeachment is a highly political process and not a legal one and how this “legislative coup” can be compared to others in recent Latin American history

Tom Engelhardt: The Real Meaning of Donald Trump

He’s a Sign of American Decline (Just Not in the Way You Think)

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