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My new zSpace home page, (WHAT YOU SEE RIGHT NOW) no longer includes links to the rest of my blog pages. (It only includes the most recent ones, plus my "articles" from other people, that you see linked directly below,) and which fit on this page in the room left below my profile. THEREFORE SEARCH FOR MY NAME, with quotes, ("Brad Wilson") in the search box, above, (which gives a link that's to long to paste here). That will then link about 4 pages of blogs. I'LL POST AN INDEX FOR FINDING ALL OF MY BLOGS. I'LL ALSO POST A BLOG OF MY FARM BILL PRIMER AND ALL OF MY OTHER OLD CONTENT BOXES, UPDATED WITH NEW LINKS AS NECESSARY. If you have old links to my other blogs: THE BASIC FORMULA FOR MY new BLOG links IS: change the old [ etc.] to the new [ etc.] So remove "" and replace it with "". (Note: A few items are "znetarticle" instead of "zblogs".) My blogs often cite each other, as well, and I haven't yet fixed those links. (7/7/14) See more of my blogs at La Vida Locavore: ( and Daily Kos (, plus more videos at: ( Find me on twitter @FarmJustice. I work on "farm justice" issues from out of a background in farming, farm organizing, farm policy work, alternative farming and marketing, and involvement in family farm and sustainable agriculture movements. "There's no food justice without farm justice, and little sustainability as well." My photos and 12 series of farm issue data charts were also removed. I'll try to load the charts onto slideshare or somewhere.

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