Rachel Maccratic

I'm from the Inland Empire in Southern California and I permit sentiment to "muddle" my thinking.  I'm also an anarcha-feminist, I think.  In an MSW/JD program, I'm torn between advocating for criminalized youth or disrupting the landlord tenant relationship for working class folks by creating squats and housing co-ops in San Diego.  I've been doing more of the latter. 

I had a mediocre stint, nearly a year, as a community organizer with ACORN during the Kerry campaign, so I'm pretty gosh darn familiar with the Saul Alinsky model.  Social work has exposed me to asset-based community organizing, but my practice is decidedly old hat: lobbying scenesters to be socially conscious, then having wicked fundraisers/making art.  I know.  I promise to stop having fun when I have to pay back my student loans.  ^_~

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