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Marjorie Cohn: US Government Sanitizes Vietnam War History

Unless we are provided an honest accounting of the disgraceful history of the US war on Vietnam, we will be ill equipped to protest the current and future wars conducted in our name

Alex Doherty: Vietnam – Massacre as Strategy

Review of ‘Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War In Vietnam’ by Nick Turse

Edward S. Herman: War is Our Business and Business Looks Good

U.S. dealings with the Ukraine crisis

Tom Hayden: South Vietnam All Over Again?

What started as a vicious circle has begun its downward spiral

Marjorie Cohn: U.S. Nearly Used Nukes During Viet Nam War

It is only through an accurate understanding of our history that we can struggle against our government’s use of military force

David Hartsough: War And Peace In Korea And Vietnam – A Journey Of Peace

I believe that 99% of the world’s people could benefit and feel much safer and have a much better quality of life if we were to end our addiction to war as a means of resolving conflict

Bruno Jäntti: Four Decades After Vietnam

A look at the legacy of this long US war

Ramzy Baroud: ‘Defined Voices’: Giap, Wallace, and the Never-Ending Battle for Freedom

“Nothing is more precious than freedom,” is quoted as being attributed to Vo Nguyen Giap, a Vietnamese General that led his country through two liberation wars. The first was against French colonialists, the second against the Americans. And despite heavy and painful losses, Vietnam prevailed, defeating the first colonial quest at the Battle of Dien Read more…

David Swanson: Obama’s Campaign to Glorify the War on Vietnam

Wars exist because lies are told about past wars. When President Obama escalated the war on Afghanistan, he revived virtually every known lie about the war on Iraq, from the initial WMD BS to the "surge." While Americans remain unfathomably ignorant about the destruction of Iraq, a majority says the war shouldn't have been fought. Read more…

Marjorie Cohn: The Struggle Continues: Seeking Compensation for Vietnamese Agent Orange Victims, 52 years on

For over 10 years, from 1961 to 1975, in order to deny food and protection to those deemed to be “the enemy,” the United States defoliated the land and forests of Vietnam with the chemicals known as Agent Orange. These chemicals contained the impurity of dioxin – the most toxic chemical known to science.  Millions Read more…

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