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Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Decision Time in Brazil

Brazilians are now facing choices whose repercussions will be felt for decades

Joyce Hormon: Quest for Justice

During the military coup that overthrew Salvador Allende in Chile, US journalist Charles Hormon was captured, tortured, and killed. Imaginary Lines speaks with his widow, Joyce Hormon on her quest for justice

Federico Fuentes: Brazil: Marina Silva’s Rise is a Result of the Left’s Failures, Not Success

The demands and desires of those that may end up voting for Marina are legitimate, and the left would do well to think about how they could win over this natural ally to supporting a genuine proposal for change

Joe Emersberger: The Way Honest Reporters Spread Lies

All that is required for dishonest journalists to prosper is for honest ones to stick to saying what is politically safe

Z. C. Dutka: Ecuador Proposes Anti-Transnational Summit in Venezuela as Maduro Confronts Low Productivity Levels

The Second Conference of the Ministries of States Affected by Transnational Interests will be held this Wednesday in Caracas with member countries of the Union of South American Nations

George Ciccariello-Maher: Venezuela at a Tipping Point

No matter how you cut it, Nicolás Maduro’s first year in office was no walk in the park

Reinaldo Iturriza: The Vitality of the Revolution

The communal councils are spaces of common political construction

Ezequiel Adamovsky: Argentina since the 2001 Crisis

This is an excerpt from the Afterword Ezequiel Adamovsky wrote for the book Argentina Since the 2001 Crisis: Recovering the Past, Reclaiming the Future

Raul Zibechi: Paraguay: The Return of Social Conflict

Two years after the fall of the Fernando Lugo government and one year after the rise of Horacio Cartes of the Colorado party, social movements show signs of rebuilding

Franco Vielma: Venezuela: Maduro in Chávez’s Shoes

A politically refined reading on the presidency of Nicolás Maduro starting with a recognition of the morass of circumstances he has had to face as the country’s leader

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