Category: South America

Franco Vielma: Venezuela: Maduro in Chávez’s Shoes

A politically refined reading on the presidency of Nicolás Maduro starting with a recognition of the morass of circumstances he has had to face as the country’s leader

Malavika Krishnan: Advancing Backwards: Bolivia’s Child Labor Law

In the midst of a global fight against child labor and poverty, Bolivia stands alone on an empty street

Jonathan Watts: Will Brazil elect Marina Silva as the world’s first Green president?

Born into a poor, mixed-race Amazon family, Marina Silva is on the verge of a stunning election win after taking over her party

Sascha Bercovitch: Venezuelan Experts, Union Leaders Debate Increase in Gasoline Prices

In a public forum, experts and union leaders expressed tentative approval for an increase in Venezuela’s gasoline prices

Walden Bello: The BRICS: Challengers to the Global Status Quo

Can the BRICS wrest control of the global economy from the United States and Europe, or will their internal contradictions tear them apart?

Patrick Bond: The BRICS Remix Climate Damage and Corporate Collusion

The movement from below to tackle climate change is gathering pace in South Africa, and elsewhere in the world, in advance of the September 21 mass march against the United Nations

Sujatha Fernandes: Snapshot from the Economic War in Venezuela

It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to powerful economic interests and corrupt state officials, to carve out a path of integrity and do what you believe to be right

Z. C. Dutka: Venezuelan Voices, Part I: An Economic Spiral

The Bolivarian government still stands as a pillar for international solidarity and popular self-determination

Frederick Mills: Chavistas Debate Economic and Institutional Reform

Maduro Combats Smuggling And Currency Fraud

Christopher Gaffney: The Traumas and Dramas of Post-Cup, Pre-Olympic Brazil

Where is the benefit for the ordinary Brazilian that stays behind after the parade has moved on?

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