Category: South America

Z. C. Dutka: Venezuelan Voices, Part I: An Economic Spiral

The Bolivarian government still stands as a pillar for international solidarity and popular self-determination

Frederick Mills: Chavistas Debate Economic and Institutional Reform

Maduro Combats Smuggling And Currency Fraud

Christopher Gaffney: The Traumas and Dramas of Post-Cup, Pre-Olympic Brazil

Where is the benefit for the ordinary Brazilian that stays behind after the parade has moved on?

Eva Golinger: A Defiant Ecuador Seeks Solutions in Assange Case

Both Julian Assange and Ecuador have taken on the most powerful world interests, despite the dangers, threats and consequences of their actions

Joe Emersberger: About Some of the Left Critiques Of Rafael Correa

While there is no universal agreement about every item on the menu, the following are the key neoliberal policies that plagued Ecuador

Joe Turnball: Bolivia Shows Us That Another World Is Possible

After centuries of subjugation, Bolivia’s indigenous peoples are leading the way on sustainability and equality

Yesenia Barragan: Dreaming and Organizing After the World Cup

A Pleasure That Hurts

Ewan Robertson: “Communal Governance” in Venezuela

Activists & National Authorities Create Regional Councils

Sascha Bercovitch: Confrontations between Sidor Workers and Venezuelan National Guard

Clashes between protesting workers at the state-owned steel plant Sidor and the Venezuelan National Guard ended with at least 14 arrests and two injuries

Federico Fuentes: Bolivia: Beyond (neo)extractivism?

A central challenge facing progressive governments and social movements in South America today is breaking the region’s dependency on raw material exports

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