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Guillaume Long: In Defense of Rafael Correa

Ecuador’s minister of culture defends the social and political record of the Correa government

Joe Emersberger: Toxic Waste Dumped on poorest Ecuadorians for 26 years but Chevron has yet to pay

Imagine a vigilante group somehow dumping sixteen billion gallons of oil all over the neighborhoods where Chevron executives live…

Eva Golinger: The Secret Agenda Behind the Venezuela-Guyana Conflict

It all began in 1835 when the British Empire sent a German-born naturalist and explorer to conduct geographical research in the South American territory it had colonized and named British Guiana. In the course of his explorations, a map was drawn that well-exceeded the original western boundary first occupied by the Dutch and later passed to British control.

Rachael Boothroyd: Venezuelan Officials Arrested as Government Intensifies Anti-Smuggling Efforts

Venezuelan authorities have intercepted three state oil company (PDVSA) chartered tankers loaded with illegal cargos of fuel and allegedly en route to the Caribbean

Federico Fuentes: Is Vice President Garcia Cracking Down on Dissent in Bolivia?

Recent statements by Bolivia’s Vice President Alvaro Garcia regarding nongovernmental organisations in Bolivia have triggered off a heated debate on the left

Ezequiel Adamovsky: The Covering Up of the AMIA Bombing: An Opportunity for Truth?

A new trial for the cover-up of the 1994 attack on Argentina’s Jewish community center offers opportunities for justice, but also for more impunity

Ted Snider: The Venezuela-Guyana Conflict: Historical Irony & Historical Precedent

The idea of cutting off territory from a nationalistic government who has the crazy idea of using its own resources for its own people, as the American oil giant ExxonMobil is now doing in the disputed territory between Venezuela and Guyana, is as old as American expansionism

Joe Emersberger: Media Rubbish about Venezuelans Who Have Left to Live Abroad

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 145,000 Venezuelans immigrated to the U.S. from 1990 to 2011

Jeffrey R. Webber: Ecuador’s Impasse

Left and indigenous forces in Ecuador are attempting to create an alternative to both Rafael Correa and the Right

Z. C. Dutka: Venezuela Responds to International Criticism Regarding Border Closure

Venezuela accused the United States and the European Union of hypocrisy after both bodies criticized the South American nation for deporting over 1000 undocumented Colombians

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