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Rania Khalek: Israeli leaders lit the match that burned baby Ali Dawabsha

It is difficult to find a single Israeli cabinet minister who has not encouraged or perpetrated racist violence against Palestinians, largely because this kind of incitement – and worse – gets them elected

Qossay Alsattari: What the Mainstream Media Got Wrong About Gaza

There’s no comparison when it comes to the scale of the violations — or the body count

Glenn Greenwald: Listen to WSJ’s Bret Stephens Secretly Plot With “Pro-Israel” Evangelical Group Against Iran Deal

Insight into how neocons actually think and what they’re saying when talking only to one another

Bruno Jäntti: Finnish Rebuilders in occupied West Bank

Participants of the ICAHD rebuilding camp have traveled to the occupied Palestinian territories to carry out an act of resistance against the Israeli occupation regime

Maureen Clare Murphy: Palestinians Revolt in Israeli Prisons

A revolt is underway in Nafha and Ramon prisons, in the south of present-day Israel, where Palestinian prisoners say they have shut down entire sections and are staging civil disobedience in the face of repressive measures

Amira Hass: Susiya and the ABCs of Israeli Colonization Policies

The Palestinian village is the flagship of a struggle against expulsion, but the global attention it gets may overshadow other threatened communities

Richard Falk: Alliance Blackmail: Israel’s Opposition to the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Left out of consideration altogether was the nuclear weapons arsenal of Israel acquired with Western complicity and by covert means, as well as through operations outside the Nonproliferation Treaty regime

Vijay Prashad: India’s pal act with Israel hurts its real alliances

Delhi’s main allies are united in support of Palestine, and yet India’s right-wing PM is pushing for closer ties with Israel

Jonathan Cook: Israel’s endless misery for Gaza is no policy at all

As ever, Israel is keen to sow divisions where possible

Omar Barghouti: The BDS Movement at 10

Mondoweiss co-editors Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss talk with Palestinian human rights activist and co-founder of the BDS movement Omar Barghouti on the tenth anniversary of the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions again Israel. The BDS Call was issued by representatives of Palestinian civil society on July 9, 2005 with a goal of achieving Read more…

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