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Russ Wellen:

The United Nations Human Rights Council announced a commission of inquiry into alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Ahdaf Soueif: Dead Palestinian Children In Gaza Tell Story Of Impunity

What these dead children tell us, beyond everything else, is this: Israel believes itself unassailable

Amira Hass: The Gaza Battlefield is Crowded with Displaced and Homeless

Many of the displaced, especially children, have developed intestinal, skin or eye diseases due to poor sanitary conditions and spoiled food Turkey PM slams Israel for ‘Hitler-like fascism’

In its military campaign in Gaza and genocide against Palestinians, Israel is demonstrating a “Hitler-like fascism,” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan stated in one of the strongest-worded attacks on the Israeli state

Jonathan Cook: The Experts’ Verdict: Every Israeli Missile Strike Is A War Crime

It may not be entirely surprising that HRW and others interpret international law in a way that serves rich and powerful western states

Gideon Levy: It’s all Hamas’ fault, right Israel?

More than 1,200 Gazans have been killed, about 80 percent of them civilians. But Israelis’ hands are clean and their consciences are quiet – so quiet you could cry

Shira Lipkin: Israel Is Not My Birthright

I was raised to think the country was ours by divine right. But this horror in Gaza has challenged even my deepest beliefs

Oliver Tickell: Gaza – is annexation Israel’s ‘permanent solution’?

It’s unthinkable that Israel’s aim is to ‘cleanse’ the territory of its people, seize its vast gas reserves, and annex some of the Med’s hottest real estate. Isn’t it?

Glenn Greenwald: Terrorism in the Israeli Attack on Gaza

“Terrorism” is a fear-mongering slogan, lacking any consistent application, intended to end rational debate and justify virtually any conduct by those who apply the term

Jonathan Cook: Israel’s Gaza Backlash Targets Arab Minority

Israel’s large Palestinian minority is facing an unprecedented backlash of incitement and violent reprisals as Israeli Jews rally behind the current military operations in Gaza

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