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David Swanson: Can Corporatized Universities Allow Criticism of Israel?

The University of California is seeking to ban criticism of Israel. This is a widespread phenomenon in the United States

Sarah Lazare: How US Colleges Have Become Ground Zero for Suppression of Palestine Solidarity

Two new reports highlight the systematic intimidation, harassment, and censorship that is silencing free speech critical of Israel

Glenn Greenwald: The Greatest Threat to Campus Free Speech is Coming From Dianne Feinstein and her Military-Contractor Husband

The most potent such campaigns are often devoted to outlawing or otherwise punishing criticisms of Israel

Ramzy Baroud: Subduing al-Quds: Israel’s High-stake Game in al-Aqsa and Why Netanyahu May Prevail

The fact that plans to conquer even the remaining symbols of Palestinian nationhood and spirituality have finally reached al-Aqsa is particularly alarming

Saree Makdisi: Cowardly brutality exposed: The viral video that should change the Israel/Palestine debate forever

A stun grenade flipped into faces of a child and his family. We should never discuss this debate the same way again

Ramzy Baroud: How Yarmouk Came About: Israel’s Unabashed Role in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Israel, whose economy is the strongest in the region, has been the most tight-fisted in terms of offering shelter to Syrian refugees

Norman Finkelstein: Amnesty’s Report on Gaza’s Offensive 2014

Interview with Norman G. Finkelstein

Ezequiel Adamovsky: The Covering Up of the AMIA Bombing: An Opportunity for Truth?

A new trial for the cover-up of the 1994 attack on Argentina’s Jewish community center offers opportunities for justice, but also for more impunity

Juan Cole: Austrian Truck Tragedy echoes Palestinian Story, reminding us of 7 mn still stateless

Often the great refugee crises, in Afghanistan and elsewhere, end by the refugees returning home when peace descends. The Palestinians don’t have that prospect

Noam Chomsky: Cold War II: Containing Iran

These are exciting days in Washington, as the government directs its energies to the demanding task of containing Iran in what Washington Post correspondent Robin Wright, joining others, calls “Cold War II. During Cold War I, the task was to contain two awesome forces. The lesser and more moderate force was “an implacable enemy whose Read more…

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