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Bill Fletcher: Undermining the Iran Nuclear Talks and Other Irrational Acts

An anti-war movement worthy of its name must be fighting for a more comprehensive shift, a shift in the direction of a democratic foreign policy rather than the foreign policy of the bully

Juan Cole: Why the Israeli-Hizbullah Tit for Tat Probably won’t turn to War

Last week an Israeli helicopter gunship targeted Hizbullah outposts in Syria southwest of Damascus

Norman Finkelstein: On Joan Peters’s legacy (and Dershowitz’s legal troubles)

Interview with Norman Finkelstein on his role in debunking the book Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Ramzy Baroud: Dear Syria: From One Refugee to Another

Don’t let the refugee become who you are, as you are so much more

Ramzy Baroud: Five Reasons Why 2014 Was a Game Changer in Palestine

In terms of losses in human lives, 2014 has been a horrific year for Palestinians, but there are some very good signs that things are changing

Jamie Stern-Weiner: ‘Double tapping’ in Gaza

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel’s just-published report on Operation Protective Edge adopts a cautious and professional tone but describes the stuff of nightmares

Todd Miller: Gaza in Arizona

How Israeli High-Tech Firms Will Up-Armor the U.S.-Mexican Border

Belen Fernandez: Time for another Israeli war on Lebanon?

Israel’s airstrike that killed Hezbollah and Iranian commanders in Syria on Sunday could be a highly risky pre-election gambit

Michael Lesher: Je Suis Hypocrite

The same inconsistency mars the imagery of an anti-journalist “war of jihad,” so promptly invoked to describe the murder of ten French satirists, but seldom heard from American liberals when Israel killed a larger number of Palestinian journalists in its latest assault on Gaza

Robert Fisk: When will Palestinians learn?

Turning to international law isn’t the answer — just ask America and Israel

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