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Stephen R. Shalom: ‘No more blank check for Israel’s crimes’

On Tuesday August 26, 2014, more than 50 demonstrators protested outside the Newark, New Jersey, offices of U.S. Senators Robert Menendez and Cory Booker demanding that the legislators stop providing a blank check for Israel’s crimes

Bruno Jäntti: It’s time for the EU to impose sanctions on Israel

The dispossession of the Palestinian people has been and remains an internationalised endeavour

Mohammed Omer: “The Damage is Beyond Imagination in Gaza”

Journalist Mohammed Omer on ceasefire deal & rebuilding

Bruno Jäntti: Black Flag Rises in the Middle East

When drastic developments and changes take place in the Middle East, the mainstream media renders itself even more useless as a source for analysis

telesur Context: Daily Life in Gaza Under the Israeli Blockade

A basic itemization of how the blockade affects Gazans

Luke Baker: What’s in the Gaza Peace Deal?

Following are the broad parameters of the agreement, which Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have been working on through indirect talks in Cairo over recent weeks

Ramzy Baroud: Fearing Political Islam: Why Was Gaza Betrayed?

Israel’s most recent war on Gaza, starting on July 7, came at a time that political Islam was being routed out in Egypt and criminalized in other Arab countries

Amir Hetsroni: Israeli universities’ response to Gaza war may justify an academic boycott

Attempts by Israeli universities to punish students and faculty who protested against the Gaza war were a profound challenge to those, like me, who had opposed the boycott of Israeli academia

Richard Falk: Israel as An Outlaw State and U.S. Complicity

The Middle East and North Africa have been unstable for decades, and the consequences of the intensifying instability are spreading to other regions

Rania Khalek: Israel’s extermination of whole families in Gaza reflects genocidal impulse

Eighty-nine families that existed seven weeks ago in Gaza have been exterminated by Israel

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