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Marjorie Cohn: Saudi Arabia Is Killing Civilians with US Bombs

Saudi Arabia is bombing civilians with U.S.-made bombs, which violates both U.S. and international law

Immanuel Wallerstein: Saudi-Iranian Collaboration: A Forgotten Story

On January 2, 2016, the Sunni government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) executed the leading imam of the Shia community in KSA. The Shiite government of Iran denounced this execution, as did governments throughout the world, and avowed there would be consequences. Since that time, the rhetoric has continued to escalate, and the Read more…

Robert Fisk: ‘Regrettable’ is as far as our criticism of Saudi Arabia is allowed to go

“Regrettable” means it causes us sadness. It disappoints us. The implication is that the good old Saudis have let us down, fallen from their previously high moral principles

Stephen Kinzer: The United States Shouldn’t Choose Saudi Arabia Over Iran

Saudi Arabia’s decision to provoke this crisis was aimed at least in part at forcing the United States to take sides

Juan Cole: Iraqi Shiites up in Arms, claim Saudi “Spying on behalf of ISIL/Daesh”

The Saudi establishment was furious over the Bush administration’s installation of a Shiite-dominated government in Iraq in 2005

Gary Olson: Partnering With Saudi Arabia: A Modest Proposal to Franchise ​Beheadings

“Given U.S. droning of civilians abroad, secret C.I.A. torture centers and support for brutal dictatorships, we’re confident Washington will adopt a ‘Who Are We to Judge’ posture”

Ali al-Ahmed: Friend of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr: Shiite Cleric’s Execution “Will Not End Well” for Saudi Monarchy

There are protests erupting across the Middle East after Saudi Arabia’s execution of prominent Shia religious leader Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr

Robert Fisk: Saudi Arabia has little to worry about – no state has the moral authority or will to attack this butchery

All the shouting and screaming doesn’t stop the oil flowing from Saudi wells

Toby Jones: As Saudi Arabia Executes Sheikh al-Nimr, Will U.S. Respond by Cutting $50 Billion in Weapons Sales?

After Saudi Arabia executed Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr on Saturday along with 46 others, protesters in the Iranian capital of Tehran responded by torching part of the Saudi Embassy. On Sunday, Saudi Arabia responded by severing ties with Iran. With Saudi Arabia and Iran backing opposing groups in Syria and Iraq, and on opposite Read more…

Robert Fisk: Saudi Arabia’s executions were worthy of Isis

Are the Saudis trying to destroy the Iranian nuclear agreement by forcing their Western allies to support even these latest outrages?

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