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Sam Gindin: Is Another Crisis Looming?

The tasks this sets for the Left is the longer term one of winning people over to rejecting capitalism even when it is, on its own terms, functioning “well”

L.A. Kauffman: The Theology of Consensus

Consensus decision-making’s little-known religious origins shed light on why this activist practice has persisted so long despite being unwieldy, off-putting, and ineffective

Juan Cole: How Mainstream is Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders, whose positions are shared by strong majorities of Americans, is being depicted as the one who is out of step

Ed Begley Jr: ‘Climate Change Deniers Are Like Alcoholics’

Interview on environmental activism, climate change, the California drought and the future of our planet

Eric Boehlert: The Press And Bernie Sanders

Over and over we see the same media construct: Sanders’ campaign only exists as it relates to Clinton’s bid for the nomination. There’s no justification for such a narrow-minded view of Sanders’ run

Justin Podur: ISIS Is The Child of Chaos, Not Religion

Western intervention has aided the growth of groups such as the Islamic State

Michael T. Klare: Delusionary Thinking in Washington

The Desperate Plight of a Declining Superpower

Jonathan Cook: US Rebukes Israel While Showering it with Arms and Favors

Obama may signal verbally his disquiet with the current Israeli government, but he is not about to exact any real price from Israel, even as it shifts ever further to the fanatical right

Francesca Forrest: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The Problem with Money Bail

Julian Assange: The Untold Story of the Grounding of Evo Morales’ Plane During Edward Snowden Manhunt

Interview on why that plane was targeted

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