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Kathy Kelly: 22 People Killed by US Airstrike on Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan

The U.S. has long shown itself the most formidable warlord fighting in Afghanistan, setting an example of brute force that frightens

David Swanson: The Incomprehensible Idea: What Opposing All Wars Means

This is the Cuban missile crisis with way more nukes, way crazier elected officials

Bill Fletcher: Puerto Rico’s crisis stays off of the USA media’s radar

Despite a desperate economic crisis, comparable to Greece’s, we only get an episodic look at what is crushing the nation of Puerto Rico

Phyllis Bennis: Bombing Hospitals All in a Day’s Work

The attack on the hospital, with its horrific civilian casualties, is the inevitable result of an air war against heavily populated cities

Samantha Winslow: Could Pension Attack Provoke Another Chicago Teachers Strike?

The attack on pensions and pay comes on top of three grueling years of education cuts

David Swanson: Can Corporatized Universities Allow Criticism of Israel?

The University of California is seeking to ban criticism of Israel. This is a widespread phenomenon in the United States

Robert Scheer: Amid the Crowing of the GOP and Clinton, Sanders Is on the Rise

What makes Sanders appear less formidable to the party bosses is that although he is now matching Hillary Clinton in the all-important fundraising category, he has received mainly small contributions

Marcus Harrison Green: Anti-Racist Organizers Win as Seattle Council Votes to End Youth Incarceration

The resolution, which passed unanimously, endorses the goal of having no kids in detention in Seattle. It’s a move that chips away at the school-to-prison pipeline

Paul Street: Wellhead and Tailpipe

Reflections on Eco-Orwellianism

Henry A. Giroux: Murder, USA: Why Politicians Have Blood on Their Hands

Ten people were killed and seven wounded recently in a mass shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon. Such shootings are more than another tragic expression of unchecked violence in the United States, they are symptomatic of a society engulfed in fear, militarism, a survival-of-the-fittest ethos, and a growing disdain for human life. Sadly, Read more…

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