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Guardian staff: Tens of thousands march through Dublin

Irish government’s austerity measure has sparked widespread public anger, with Saturday’s street protest the fourth since October

George Monbiot: Treating soil like dirt

The macho commitment to destructive short-termism appears to resist all evidence and all logic. Never mind life on Earth; we’ll plough on regardless

Naomi Klein: Let’s kick oil while the price is down

Climate change should be a catalyst for a major change, but we’re not treating it as a real emergency

Matt Huber: Too Much Oil

Taking on climate change will require massive state investment and the destruction of the fossil fuel industry

Sarah Lazare: Tens of Thousands Flood Dublin Demanding Abolition of Austerity Tax On Water

‘We refuse to be bullied and intimidated into acquiescence’

Shepherd Bliss: Sour Grapes in ‘Wine Country’

Intense Challenges to Wineries Erupt

John Ikerd: The Failure of Modern Industrial Agriculture

Americans are being subjected to an ongoing multimillion-dollar propaganda campaign designed to “increase confidence and trust in today’s agriculture”

William deBuys: The Politics of Extinction

An Introduction to the Most Beautiful Animal You’ll Never See

Michael T. Klare: Big Oil’s Broken Business Model

The Real Story Behind the Oil Price Collapse

George Monbiot: Keep fossil fuels in the ground to stop climate change

There is nothing random about the pattern of silence that surrounds our lives. Silences occur where powerful interests are at risk of exposure

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