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Eduardo Gudynas: Sow Extractivism, Reap Violence

It is slowly becoming evident that today’s extractivism [economy based upon the extraction and export of natural resources such as oil, gas and minerals] is advancing in a context of increasing violence. This is not an exaggeration: distinct forms of violence are being employed to impose and protect extractivism, a situation in which popular mobilization Read more…

Laura Gottesdiener: Coal Dethroned

As the coal industry crumbles, West Virginians are rallying in support of what’s being called “transition work” — the building, that is, of a new economy based on agriculture, local arts, wineries, and the like

Eva Golinger: The Secret Agenda Behind the Venezuela-Guyana Conflict

What appears to be a centuries-old struggle for control over a sliver of land in Northeastern South America is actually a front for regime change

Sharon Lerner: The Teflon Toxin

The case against DuPont

William deBuys: California First

California is giving us a preview of our world to come

Michael T. Klare: Double-Dip Oil Rout

Why an Oil Glut May Lead to a New World of Energy

Shepherd Bliss: “Grapes Versus Eggs”—Sonoma County’s Goliath vs. David Story

We need diverse, resilient agriculture and economies, not a vulnerable mono-crop

Joris Leverink: Water: source of life and conflict in the Land of Rivers

Oil is often seen as the root cause of conflict in the Middle East, but in the coming years water might come to overtake it as a key source of dispute

Shepherd Bliss: California’s North Coast Wine Industry: How “Sustainable” Is It?

Wine industry lobbyists and PR people present the industry as mainly small mom and pop operations is a lie

George Monbiot: Breaking Faith

Everything good about the EU is in retreat; everything bad is on the rampage

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