Category: Corporations

Marty Kaplan: Having a Facebook Account Is to Beg to Be Manipulated

You’re a guinea pig in research studies of how best to target, engage and monetize you

Tom Engelhardt: The Empire as Basket Case

Meanwhile, in these years, the corporation itself was let loose to run riot. Long a “person” in the legal world, it became ever more person-like

Alfredo Lopez: FaceBook Experiments with Manipulating Your Mind

If the Internet’s content can affect your feelings, the manipulation of that content can exert powerful social control

Badri Raina: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Electoral campaigns are often in the nature of con jobs: robbing votes from Peter to pay hefty sums to Paul

Paul Street: Democracy Incapacitated

The United States was largely pre-capitalist at the time that the U.S. Constitution was set up—something that ought to remind us in its own way that the barriers to genuine popular governance/sovereignty cannot be reduced simply to capitalism, however centrally the profits system stands as a barrier to democracy at home and abroad.

Lúcia Ortiz: EU Standing Up For Corporate Interests Instead Of Human Rights

The EU is taking a strong, unified position to vote no to the Ecuador proposal

Laura Gottesdiener: Drowning in Profits

A private equity firm, a missing pool fence, and the price of a child’s death

Robert Weissman: Goldman Sachs: Too big to rein in?

Has Goldman Sachs retained its financial power and political clout?

Sue Sturgis: NC Passes Fracking Law, Seeks Taxpayer Subsidies

This week North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed into law a bill that opens up the state to fracking for natural gas

Andrew Leonard: Amazon’s Scorched-Earth Campaign

Why the Internet giant started a war

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