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Cynthia Peters: A Feminist Re-Frame on the Little Pink Pill

The FDA’s decision to approve a drug designed to increase women’s libido is not a feminist victory. But it reminds us of what we need to be fighting for

Michael Parenti: How The Free Market Killed New Orleans

Ten years ago Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Today the media are full of commentaries about it. Yet now like then, our pundits leave out the real story. I wrote this in 2005.

Adam Johnson: Katrina’s ‘Golden Opportunity’: 10 Years of Corporate Media Celebrating Disaster

So many corporatists think this “miracle” was not just an incidental positive but was, all things considered, worth it

Patrick Bond: Resource-Cursed South Africa Suffers More Mining Massacres

From Marikana to mineral price crash and jobs meltdown

Keith A. Spencer: Why the Rich Love Burning Man

Burning Man became a festival that rich libertarians love because it never had a radical critique at its core

Pete Dolack: Speculators Circling Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s governor may have said the commonwealth’s debt is not payable, but that doesn’t mean Puerto Ricans aren’t going to pay for it. Vulture capitalists are circling the island, ready to extract still more wealth. You may already know the drill: capital is sucked out by corporate interests that pay little in taxes, and speculators swoop in

Alexandra Pedersen: Canadian Mining Undermines Democracy in Central America

Canada’s multinationals work hand-in-hand with corrupt governments and threaten democracy in post-conflict Central American nations

Sharon Lerner: The Teflon Toxin

The case against DuPont

Mark Rumold: New Documents and Reports Confirm AT&T and NSA’s Longstanding Surveillance Partnership

The documents note AT&T’s “extreme willingness to help” with NSA’s surveillance

Adam Behsudi: Will Trans-Pacific trade deal go up in smoke over anti-tobacco proposal?

The ire of McConnell and other tobacco-state lawmakers throws a wrench into the negotiations

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